-H.M.S. Hood Technical Specifications & Armament Information-
21" Torpedoes
Updated 31-Jan-2018

Information on the torpedo systems used by the battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood between 1920 and 1941.

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Photos of H.M.S. Hood torpedo equipment

Type: Mk IV and Mk IV*
Calibre/Size: 21" / 53.34 cm
Torpedo Weight: 3,357lbs / 1522.7 kg
Warhead (type, charge, weight): Mk IV, TNT, 515lbs / 233.6 kg
Range: 5,000 yds / 4572 m (40kts) or a more practical 13,500yds / 12344.4 m (25kts)
Number/Type of Tubes: 2 submerged tubes (1 port, 1 starboard, located below waterline just ahead of "A" turret. Removed in 1937); 4 above water tubes (2 per side, located approximately mid-way between the waterline & shelter deck parallel with main mast). The above water torpedo tubes remained on the ship until the end.
Fire Control: Mk III Deflection Sites- 2 in the after torpedo control tower, 4 on bridge and 2 in the conning tower; 15ft rangefinders- in hood on conning tower (removed in 1937), 2 mounted midships (removed in 1940). After 1940 refit, the former 5.5" 12ft rangefinders were used.