How to Join/Renew Membership in the H.M.S. Hood Association
Updated 01-Jan-2020

Anyone interested in keeping the memory of H.M.S. Hood and her men alive is welcome to join our Association. Here you will find out how you can join us in remembering the Mighty Hood and crew.

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Why Should You Join?

Many people think that to join the Association you have to have a direct link with the ship through a family member who served in her, but that is not the case - anyone may join. All are welcome regardless of age, sex, nationality, etc. All we ask is that you have an interest in Hood and in being part of the organisation which was formed to keep the memory of the "Mighty Hood" and her crew alive. Since its foundation in 1975, the Association - though consisting primarily of veterans and their relatives - has always welcomed anyone who shares the aim of keeping alive and in the public eye the ship and those served in her.

Sadly, most of the veterans are no longer with us but all were keen to have the Association continue to exist after they had gone. All were amazed and gladdened both by the extent and the global nature of the interest in the ship and crew which was generated as a result of our web site and the 2001 expedition which located and honoured the wreck. We are doing our best to honour their wishes by having our Association continue onwards.

Although most members live in the United Kingdom, we do have many members located in other countries literally around the world. So, if you are sincerely interested in Hood and her crew, why not join today? As a member you will receive a membership card and a printed newsletter twice a year. These, in concert with this website, will keep you well informed of Association activities. We are also looking into ways to improve our membership offerings...more on that in the coming year.

If you have any questions about information listed here or about membership in general, please click here to contact our Membership Secretary Mike Ware.

How to Join or Renew

You can join in two ways – via PayPal or post.

Join/Renew Now Using PayPal

Click the button below to make your payment through PayPal.

Annual Membership Subscription Fees:

Please note that we do add 50p on to the postal membership rates (see below) for PayPal to cover the charges made but it is a convenient way paying and one we would recommend. After you have made the payment our Membership Secretary will contact you to gather details such as your postal address, etc. You should receive your membership card through the post within a couple of weeks. PayPal memberships run from the day you join so you will get a reminder in 12 months time to tell you that your subs are due.

Apply for or Renew Membership by Post

If you don’t have a PayPal account or prefer to pay by cheque, then please print and fill-out our membership application/renewal form (available in pdf format or MS Word format) and post it, along with your payment (see below) to our Membership Secretary at the following address:

Mike Ware
New York Lane
LS19 6JQ
United Kingdom

Annual Membership Subscription Fees:

We can accept the following forms of payment:

Please note that all cheques must be made out to "H.M.S. Hood Association" and must be in British Pounds Sterling. We cannot accept foreign currencies. If this is an issue, please consider paying via PayPal. Postal membership renewals are done on 01 May every year.


If you feel that you don’t want to join the Association but still want to support us, we would be welcome to accept your donation. You can donate using the PayPal button below. You can be sure that we will use your donation to forward our aim of keeping Hood and the men who served in her in the public eye.