-H.M.S. Hood Technical Specifications & Armament Information-
Gunnery & Aerial Warning Radars
Updated 06-May-2014

H.M.S. Hood was fitted with two radars in early 1941. These were the Type 284 gunnery radar and Type 279M aerial warning radar. We are currently in the process of obtaining detailed information on each. Until such time that we are successful, we have borrowed some basic statistics from the excellent book "British Battleships of World War Two : The Development and Technical History of the Royal Navy's Battleships and Battlecruisers from 1911 to 1946" by Alan Raven and John Roberts, plus "Radar at Sea" by Derek Howse.

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Computer rendering of the Type 284 gunnery radar used by H.M.S. Hood

Type 284 Gunnery Radar

Wavelength: 50 cm
Power Output: 25 kw
Frequency: ~600 MHz
Accuracy: No information
Range: 10 nm / 18.5 m
Comments: Main gunnery radar used aboard large warships. In the case of Hood, it would have been used primarily to direct the fire of her 15" main guns. Hood received her Type 284 during her 16 January - 15 March 1941 refit at Rosyth. Both antennas were mounted on the rotating director hood situated above the Spotting Top.

Type 284 radars aboard Prince of Wales (left 2 images) and Hood (right image)
Above- The photo to the left and centre show Prince of Wales's Type 284. These are included as they show typical arrays.
The one on the right shows the different arrangement aboard Hood.




Schematic of a Type 279 aerial warning radar similar to the Type 279M used by H.M.S. Hood

Type 279M Aerial Warning Radar

Wavelength: 7.5 meters
Power Output: 60 kW (ranging mode); 70 kW (warning mode)
Frequency: 39-42 MHz
Accuracy: Hood reported accuracy to within 3°
Range: 100 nm / 185 m (high altitude target)
Comments: It has been suggested in some books that Hood was scheduled to receive a Type 279 radar, but the installation was never completed. This is not entirely true. While Hood did not receive the Type 279, she definitely received a modified variant known as the Type 279M. It was installed during her 16 January - 15 March 1941 refit at Rosyth.

The Types 279 and 279M were largely the same with the most noticeable difference being that the standard Type 279 required two antennas (one to transmit and one to receive), whereas the Type 279M required only one transceiving antenna. This was located high above her main mast. The source confirming the installation and testing of the Type 279M is Admiralty document ADM 220/76, "Reports of performance in H.M.S. Hood, H.M.S. Illustrious, H.M.S. King George V and smaller vessels of RDF279". This document is housed at The National Archives, Kew.

Type 279M radar performance graph
Above- Graph depicting performance of H.M.S. Hood's Type 279M



Type 282 and Type 285 Allocations

According to C.A.F.O. 509, issued in March 1941, in addition to her Type 279M and Type 284, Hood was slated to receive three Type 282 and three Type 285. At this point in time it is certain that her Type 282 directors were not fitted. It is unclear however, if the Type 282 sets were fitted. There are also no indications that any part of her Type 285 radar was installed.