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Updated 08-Apr-2019

Listed here are key reference books pertaining to Hood and/or the events she was intimately involved with. If you know of something that should be listed here, please contact us.

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Anatomy of the Ship the Battlecruiser Hood

Title: Anatomy of the Ship: The Battlecruiser Hood
Author: John Roberts
Publisher & Date: Conway Maritime Press, 1982
ISBN: 0870210785
Comments: One of the two best technical and photo references on Hood.   Contains superb diagrams & detailed schematics of the ship itself as well as individual components. An absolute MUST for all Hood collections. Highly Recommended. Available Now.



...And Home Theres No Returning
Title: ...And Home There's No Returning
Author: Bee Kenchington
Publisher & Date: Arcturus Press, 2004
ISBN: 0907322875.A5
Comments: This book tells the story of John Martin Iago's time in Hood, through his personal letters. This book was edited by his sister, Bee Kenchington. Highly Recommended. Click on the cover image to the left to learn more about this book. Available Now.



The Battlecruiser Hood, an Illustrated History
Title: The Battlecruiser H.M.S. Hood: An Illustrated Biography
Author: Bruce Taylor
Publisher & Date: Naval Institute Press/Chatham, 2005 (original) / Seaforth Publications, 2008 (re-issue)
ISBN: 186176216X (original) / 9781848320000 (2008 edition)
Comments: This book is simply the best. Impeccably researched and executed, it features a details visual and textual examination of the ship from conception to destruction. It also tells the story of the crew with unique insights as to what life was really like aboard the ship. It features a large amount of images to include stills from a rare 1939/1940 colour film. It also contains incredibly detailed computer renderings by remarkable graphic artist Thomas Schmid. It is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone seriously interested in Hood or life in the Royal Navy of the early-mid 20th century. Highly recommended. Click on the cover image for more information. Available Now.



The Battlecruiser HMS Hood at Amazon
Title: The Battlecruiser HMS Hood
Author: Stefan Draminski
Publisher & Date: Kagero (Super Drawings in 3D series), 2013 / Kagero (Topdrawings series), 2015
ISBN: 8362878789 / 978-8362878789 (2013) and 8364596616 / 978-8364596612 (3025)
Comments: This monograph presents a series of detailed line drawings as well as 1:200 scale pull-out drawings/plans. This is a worthy addition to a scale modeler's library, but be advised that it does contain a few errors. As with any book of this type, always be sure to consult our scale modeling section for the most up-to-date details. Despite the errors, the book is recommended and we've offered to help the author should he ever wish to correct his drawings. Note- the cover pictured here is the original 2013 edition. Available now.



Bismarck and Hood
Title: Bismarck and Hood : Great Naval Adversaries
Author: Paul J. Kemp
Publisher & Date: Arms & Armour, 1991
ISBN: 1854090992
Comments: A nice introductory volume to the entire Bismarck pursuit with a good general coverage and descriptions of all participating vessels and the major characters. 80 good sized photos, although you won't discover anything in this book that isn't in other volumes. A couple of comparative waterline drawings and the expected tables of specifications. Essentially compares Hood to Bismarck without drawing the obvious conclusions. As a general reference, it's 64 pages do a credible job - if it's a modellers reference you're looking for though, this isn't it! (review courtesy of Steve M. Hirschbach)


Review of Marco Santorinis book

Title: Bismarck and Hood. The Battle of the Denmark Strait – A Technical Analysis For A New Perspective
Author: Marco Santorini
Publisher & Date: Fonthill Media Limited, 2013
ISBN: 07522978-1-78155-231-5
Comments: A thorough and well presented examination of the famous Battle of the Denmark Strait. The book is 169 pages long and includes numerous black and white plust colour photos and graphics. The most accurate view of the battle yet published. Click here to read a more in-depth review of this book by Bill Jurens of SNAME.



British Battlecruisers 1939-1945

Title: British Battlecruisers 1939-45 (New Vanguard series)
Author: Angus Konstam
Publisher & Date: Osprey, October 2003
ISBN: 184176633X
Comments: 48 page book covering the wartime experiences of battle cruisers Hood, Repulse and Renown. Illustrated by Tony Bryan. There are some interesting images, but some of the facts relating to Hood's operations are questionable. Available now.



The Deadly Stroke

Title: The Deadly Stroke
Author: Warren Tute
Publisher & Date: Collins, London, 1973 ; Pen & Sword Military, 18 Oct 2007
Comments: In-depth look at Force H's unfortunate destruction of the French Fleet at Oran/Mers-el-Kebir, 3rd July, 1940. Reprinted in 2007 and available now.



The Empire Cruise
Title: The Empire Cruise
Author: V.C. Scott O'Connor
Publisher & Date: Riddle, Smith and Duffus, 1925
Comments: Contemporary account of the famous Empire Cruise of 1923/1924. Out of print.



Flagship Hood
Title: Flagship Hood: Beyond the Depths
Author: Christopher G. Snook
Publisher & Date: Independently published (12 Dec 2018)
ISBN: 1728951380
Comments: A new 68 page book which takes a close at H.M.S. Hood. Highly Recommended. This book is available at Amazon (click here).



Flagship Hood
Title: Flagship Hood: The Fate of Britain's Mightiest Warship
Author: Alan Coles & Ted Briggs
Publisher & Date: Robert Hale, 1985 (paperback, 1996)
ISBN: 0709020244
Comments: One of the better historical references on Hood. Well written and containing many firsthand inputs, insights and photos. Highly Recommended. Out of print, but still available from some book retailers. Note: Ted's half of the book is available online here on our website.



HMS Hood
Title: H.M.S. Hood
Author: Stanley Geary
Publisher & Date: Robert Ross, 1942
Comments: Though a small book, it has the virtue of being one the first ones published after the ship's loss. Out of print.



HMS Hood A short account of her forebears and herself
Title: H.M.S. Hood- A Short Account of Her Forebears and Herself
Author: unknown
Publisher & Date: Horns & Miller, 1925/1926
Comments: A very interesting book which covers the namesakes and predecessors of the ship as well as other interesting facts. It also covers her first six years of service. Most copies are believed to have been sold aboard the ship (in her bookstall). This rare gem is highly recommended. Out of print but soon to be available on this website.

It is also currently available on CD in PDF format from Family Home Indexes.



HMS Hood Pride of the Royal Navy
Title: H.M.S. Hood Pride of the Royal Navy
Author: Andrew Norman
Publisher & Date: ABS, 2001
ISBN: 1862271526
Comments: A well written overview of Hood's career. It's not quite on part with the detail available in "Flagship Hood" by Coles and Briggs or "The Battlecruiser Hood: An Illustrated History" by Bruce Taylor, but it is still one of the better books overall. This book was reissued in February 2009 and is currently available.



HMS Hood vs Bismarck, the Battleship Battle
Title: H.M.S. Hood Vs Bismarck: The Battleship Battle
Author: Theodore Taylor
Publisher & Date:
ISBN: 038081174X
Comments: A small book about the Bismarck's Atlantic sortie. We don't recommend this title for adults, but we do for youths (as it was apparently written with younger readers in mind). Out of print.



Hood Life and Death of a Battlecruiser
Title: Hood- Life and Death of a Battlecruiser
Author: Roger Chesneau
Publisher & Date: Cassell Military
ISBN: 0304359807
Comments: A well-written history of the full career of H.M.S. Hood. Detailed coverage of Hood's story, plus it features a number of photos from this very website. Recommended. Available now.



Hood and Bismarck
Title: Hood and Bismarck
Author: David Mearns & Rob White
Publisher & Date: Channel 4 Books, 2001
ISBN: 0752220357
Comments: A well-researched book containing information on the history of these two vessels plus an excellent insight into the July 2001 expedition to find and photograph them. Highly recommended. Click on the image to the left to learn more about this book. Available Now



Hood Design & Construction
Title: Hood Design and Construction
Author: Maurice P. Northcott
Publisher & Date: Bivouac, 1975 / Lionel Leventhal Ltd, 1981
ISBN: 0853681457
Comments: One of the two best technical and photo references on Hood. This book has served and continues to serve as one of the primary references for many other books about Hood. Originally issued as an Ensign Special by Bivouac Books Ltd, later reissued as "Man O' War 6" by Arms & Armour Press. Highly recommended. Out of print.



Hoods Legacy
Title: Hood's Legacy
Author:Nixie Taverner
Publisher & Date: Bernard Durnford Publishing, 2001
ISBN: 0953567044
Comments: An interesting book based largely upon this very website's "Hood Today" section. As the title suggests, it is about the legacy and memory of Hood and her men. Also contains a Roll of Honour from this very website. Click on the cover to learn more about this book. Out of print.



No image available
Title: Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers, Volume XXXII
Author: Text by Sir Eustace D'Eyncourt, K.C.B.
Publisher & Date: ASNE, 1920
Comments: An in-depth introduction to the then brand new H.M.S. Hood. Taken from a paper written by her designer. View the text of the document by clicking here.



The Life and Death of HMS  Hood
Title: The Life and Death of H.M.S. Hood
Author: Edwin P. Hoyt
Publisher & Date: Arthur Barker, 1977/ Stein & Day, 1980
ISBN: 0812827309
Comments: Although well written, this book is very short and features a number of mislabelled photos. When compared to quality Hood books such as "The Mighty Hood" by Bradford and "Flagship Hood" by Coles and Briggs, this book falls far short. Of note here is that this book was also released in the USA under the lacklustre title "Sunk by the Bismarck- The Life and Death of H.M.S. Hood."



The Invergordon Mutiny
Title: The Invergordon Mutiny
Author: Alan Ereira
Publisher & Date: Routledge Kegan & Paul, 1981
ISBN: 0710009305
Comments: Examination of the infamous 1931 mutiny over proposed pay cuts. Out of print.



Marine Arsenal Sonderheft Band 19
Title: Marine Arsenal Sonderheft Band 19- H.M.S. Hood
Author: Sigfried Breyer
Publisher & Date: 1999
Comments: Good photographic coverage of Hood throughout her entire career. Presented in the German language. Available now.



The Mighty Hood
Title: The Mighty Hood- The Life and Death of Britain's Proudest Warship
Author: Ernle Bradford
Publisher & Date: Hodder & Stoughton, 1959
ISBN: 0856171085
Comments:  The first and one of the best history texts written about Hood. Very well written and gripping. This has been republished many times. The cover image shown here is from a 1977 paperback reprint. Highly recommended. Out of print.



Monografie Morskie 6
Title: Monografie Morskie #6, Hood
Author: Tadeusz Klimczyk
Publisher & Date: AJ Press, 1997
ISBN: 8386208716
Comments:  An affordable source of reference photos of Hood. Contains many photos of varying quality. Includes a decent (though not entirely correct) black & white line drawing plan/profile of Hood. It also contains a nice though slightly inaccurate colour poster (wrong paint scheme). Only available in the Polish language (but portions are clearly based heavily upon earlier Hood publications). Although there are many photos, the overall quality of said photos ranges from poor to decent. Good coverage at a low price, but we would still recommend readers go for the 2003 Classic Warships title instead. As for the plans, we recommend the Sambrook Marine plans, pencil corrected using information from our website. Out of print.



Mutiny at Invergordon
Title: Mutiny at Invergordon
Author: David Divine
Publisher & Date: MacDonald & Co, 1970
ISBN: 0356034461
Comments: Examination of the infamous 1931 mutiny over proposed pay cuts. Out of print.



No image available

Title: Naval History Magazine, Summer 1993
Author: Eric Grove
Publisher & Date: Summer 1993
Comments: The technical report article "Hoods Achilles' Heel?" is an interesting if unlikely look at the possibility that Hood was destroyed by her own torpedoes. The author has since reversed his beliefs (after having seen the wreck). Out of Print.



On His Majestys Service
Title: On His Majesty's Service
Author: RADM Joseph H. Wellings, USN
Publisher & Date: Naval War College Press, 1983
Comments: A book detailing observations of the British Home Fleet (to include Hood) by then Assistant US Naval Attaché, Joseph H. Wellings. It offers a unique insight into various ships, key personnel and naval practices, through diary entries, reports and personal letters. Available now.



Profile Morskie 63
Title: Profile Morskie 63: H.M.S. Hood
Author: Jerzy Moscinski & Slawomir Brzezinski
Publisher & Date: BS Firma Wydawniczo-Handlowa, 2004
ISBN: 83-87918-67-9
Comments: A book containing many deck and profile templates. Most drawings are nicely done and very professional in appearance. Many are quite accurate, but some are not: Disappointingly, there are some notable errors- particularly involving various features of Hood's bridge and superstructure. The colour poster also has errors. In the authors' defence however, it should be noted that the drawings are from the 1990s and were created before many new structural changes were verified by new photos. This book is dated and by today's standards somewhat "hit and miss".

Hopefully they will update and reissue at some point.



Title: Pursuit
Author: Sir Ludovic Kennedy
Publisher & Date: Collins, 1974/ US Naval Institute Press, 2000
ISBN: 1557504725
Comments: An excellent "big picture" of the pursuit and destruction of Bismarck. Somewhat flowery in some regards whilst not overly detailed in others, it is nonetheless a highly entertaining and informative read. Recommended. Available now.



Round the World with the Battle Cruisers
Title: Round the World with the Battle Cruisers
Author: C.R. Benstead
Publisher & Date: Hurst & Blackett, 1924
Comments: Contemporary account of the famous Empire Cruise of 1923/1924. Out of print.



Warship International 2, 1987
Title: Warship International, No. 2, 1972
Author: Dave Weldon
Publisher & Date: INRO, 1972
Comments: Excellent article by Hood expert Dave Weldon. Much technical detail as well as career history. Many line drawings and photographs. Some of the data is now dated, but most was derived from the ship's books. Recommended. Out of print.



Warship International 2, 1987
Title: Warship International, No. 2, 1987
Author: W.J. Jurens
Publisher & Date: INRO, 1987
Comments:The article "The Loss of H.M.S. Hood - A Re-examination," is an extremely comprehensive look at the evidence surrounding the loss of Hood. Widely regarded of the best on the subject to date. Highly recommended. A few dozen copies are still available as of July 2010.



Warship Pictorial 20
Title: Warship Pictorial 20- H.M.S. Hood
Author: Steve Wiper
Publisher & Date: Classic Warships, 2003
ISBN: pending
Comments: Superb monograph featuring a detailed history, colour artwork and many previously unpublished photos of Hood (though mostly from earlier in her career). We recommend this for Hood enthusiasts and modellers. Available Now.



Warship Profile 19
Title: Warship Profile 19, H.M.S. Hood
Author: R.G. Robertson
Publisher & Date: Profile Publications Ltd, 1972
Comments: Great photographic coverage of Hood's final years. Written by an ex-crewman with an extremely large amount of input from H.M.S. Hood Association member David Weldon. Highly recommended. Out of print.


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