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Updated 03-Apr-2019

Shown here are various paintings of H.M.S. Hood. These are listed in the order in which we learned about them. These, of course, are not the only known paintings of Hood– there are in fact, many other good paintings which we would like to feature here, but cannot do so until we obtain the various artists' permission. There are also others that we surely do not yet know about. With this in mind, if you are an artist, or know someone who has painted Hood, please let us know. We are more than happy to display any quality work of the ship.

if you have a gallery which can legally allow us to use small photos of Hood paintings, we'd be more than glad to add a link to your site in exchange for use of said images. This does not imply that we will actively help anyone sell paintings...if they sell as a result of being seen here, fine. If they do not sell, it is not the fault of this website or the H.M.S. Hood Association. Our goal is to simply let people know about fine Hood-related artwork. Additional art retailers are listed in our Recommended Links page.

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Painting of Hood by Nico M. Peeters

Hood at John Brown & Co - Painting by Nico M. Peeters
This beautiful painting depicts Hood in 1920. She's shown at her berth at the John Brown & Co Ltd shipyard in Clydebank around the time of her trials and commissioning. This superb painting was created on commission by Dutch artist Nico M. Peeters. You can view his work by visiting his website at www.nicompeeters.nl/ .

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Hood - Painting by Graham M'turfersee
'Hood' is a painting by Graham M'turfersee, an unaccomplished artist at present . The painting was inspired after watching the film 'Sink the Bismarck '. He just wanted to paint it with atmosphere . It measures approx 30" x 24" and is acrylic on canvas . He happily takes commissions and tries to get his work historically correct to portray a specific moment in time .

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HMS Hood and Rodney

HMS Hood and Rodney - Painting by Jim Bailey
Jim's most recent painting of Hood depicts a quiet time just before the Second World War. She and Rodney are both at the fleet anchorage. This painting is oil on canvas and measures 36" x 24" . Jim Bailey is an accomplished artist and illustrator who specialises in aviation and naval subjects. You can contact him at jimbailey2011@hotmail.co.uk

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20 Degrees to Port by Jim Bailey

20 Degrees to Port - Painting by Jim Bailey
This dramatic painting shows Hood shows her leading Prince of Wales into action against Bismarck and Prinz Eugen during the Battle of the Denmark Strait. Hood is seen just moments before she executes her final turn and BIsmarck's fatal salvo arrives. This painting is oil on canvas .

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To Glory We Steer, a painting by Dale Byhre

To Glory We Steer - Painting by Dale Byhre
This painting shows Hood leading Prince of Wales at 0549 hours on the morning of 24 May 1941. In a matter of minutes the battle would commence and Hood would be lost. The title of the painting was inspired by the song "Heart of Oak." The painting is acrylic on canvas and and measures 20" X 30". Richard Davis commissioned the painting and worked with the artist, Dale Byhre, to ensure the scene was accurately depicted.

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Drawing of Hood by Simon Atack

Poised on the Brink of Destiny by Simon Atack
This was commissioned by Association member Dave Taylor. Dave writes: "My desire was for a picture that was rather different from all that had been produced up till then. One that brought together the human side of the loss, the ship herself (off course) and also what they were fighting for. Thus, centrally positioned in the middle of the picture is the ship herself, as proud and majestic as ever she was in all her glory. In the outline concept that I had in my mind’s eye, she is pictured on the early morning of May 24th 1941 on route to intercept Bismarck and Prinz Eugen in the Denmark Straights, and in the lower centre of the picture and directly below the ship herself,  this profound date of Hood's last day is immortalised.  Above her are the portraits of her Captain and Squadron Commander at that time. Below the ship and to the right is the ship’s crest, and to the left lower is the White Ensign, the flag under which they fought and ultimately perished!

This latter point is hugely significant in my eyes, since it was what this flag stood for and represented that enabled the officers and men of the Hood on the early morning of May 24th 1941, to exemplify the finest traditions of the “Senior Service”.  I recall that it was Admiral Cunningham who once said, “That it takes 3 years to build a ship, but it takes 300 years to build a tradition”! So it was that 1418 officers and men went to fight a hugely unequal battle against an enemy warship that was twenty years younger than herself, a battle that the Royal Navy would never have entertained, but for the exigencies of war. This then is my humble tribute to their hallowed memory. May it be a fitting remembrance to 1415 lives selflessly sacrificed that, as Churchill once put it, “Tyranny might not prevail”.

The size of the drawing is approximately 23” X 16” and is pencil on quality art paper. The framed size is approximately 28” X 21”. To learn more about his, please visit http://www.simonatack.com/simon-atack-gallery.php

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Watercolor of Hood by unknown artist

H.M.S. Hood Watercolours
This series of watercolours depict Hood from various angles. They measure approximately 6"x8" and are in the collection of David E. Schroeder who kindly provided the information and photos seen here.

Click on the image to the right to enlarge it. Click here and here to see additional paintings.




Painting of H.M.S. Hood by Jim Bailey

Sky, Sea and Hood - Painting by Jim Bailey
A recently completed and detailed painting of the Hood while at anchor in 1941...the tranquil image of the ship is offset by the dramatic sea and sky. This oil painting is painted on a canvas panel and measures 20" X 30".

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Painting of H.M.S. Hood by Michael Spurgeon

Elemental (Full Calibre Practice Shoot) - Painting by M.H.G. Spurgeon
This oil painting was created by Michael Spurgeon who provided the photo seen here. He painted it from memory in an impressionistic style sometime during the 1970s. It depicts Hood at sea sometime in the months preceding the Second World War. She is carrying out a full calibre shoot at a distant target with her main 15" armament.

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Painting of H.M.S. Hood by Karl Neumann

H.M.S. Hood, 1941 - Painting by Karl Neumann
This piece was painted by artist Karl Neumann (1891-1985). The painting is oil on canvas and measures approximately 24" x 36". It depicts Hood somewhere in the North Atlantic during 1941. It is believed to have been commissioned in the early 1980s by a couple who served in the British forces during the Second World War. The painting is in the collection of David E. Schroeder who kindly provided the information and photos seen here.

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Painting of H.M.S. Hood by Jon Kindred

H.M.S. Hood, May 1941 - Painting by Jon Kindred
This piece was painted by British artist Jon Kindred. The painting is oil on canvas and measures 27.5" x 19.5". It
depicts Hood in the North Atlantic emerging through early morning mist en route to engage the Bismarck.  Jon has also painted an accompanying piece depicting Bismarck. For more information on Jon's work, please visit his website.

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Painting of H.M.S. Hood by Paul Shordon

H.M.S. Hood, 23 May 1941 - Painting by Paul Shordon
This painting was commissioned by Richard Davis who kindly provided the photo seen here. The painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 24" x 30". It depicts Hood on the day before her loss. For more information on Paul's work, please visit the Sunrisehall Gallery website.

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Painting of H.M.S. Hood by Frederick Taylor

H.M.S. Hood Engaging Bismarck, 05:55 hr 24 May 1941 - Painting by Frederick Taylor
Fred created this painting during the Spring of 2012. It measures Size 20 x 30" and took 40 hours to complete. He used references to include our website and Bruce Taylor's excellent book. It shows Hood during the opening moments of her fateful battle with Bismarck on 24 May 1941. For more informatiuon on Fred's work, please visit his Darkness to Light artwork website.

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Painting of H.M.S. Hood by Darren Wood

H.M.S. Hood During Her Final Battle - Painting by Darren Wood
Darren completed this 9" x 12" oil painting during the Autumn of 2008. He painted at night and over weekends using a variety of sources to include this website. It shows Hood during her battle with Bismarck on 24 May 1941. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.




Painting of H.M.S. Hood by Paul Shorter

"H.M.S. Hood 1941" - Painting by Paul Shordon
Paul completed this painting of Hood in 2009. It shows the ship as she appeared during the early part of 1941. He used acryllic medium on stretched canvas. It's dimensions are 70cm wide by 60cm high and it is wired for hanging. At last check it was available for sale at a price of £120. For more information, please visit the Sunrisehall Gallery website.




1923 Watercolour of H.M.S. Hood by A.B. Cull

"H.M.S. Hood Working Up to Full Power - July 1923" - Painting by A.B. Cull
This lovely watercolour (click to view an enlarged version) is dated 1923. It was recently located in a Melbourne, Australia auction house. It shows
on the return passage from Alborg Bugt, Denmark, to Portland, Dorset. Wearing Rear Admiral Field’s flag at the fore we see the huge battle cruiser at speed slicing through a benign sea. The greatest power plant afloat (150,220 shaft horse power was achieved on a full power trial off the deep measured mile off Arran, Scotland on 23 March 1920) is clearly being worked up to full power again as volumes of heavy smoke spiral upwards from HOOD’s two huge funnels. Twenty four boilers driving 4 propellors through geared steam turbines gave her a sustained sea speed of some 32 knots and the great 860 ft long hull displacing over 41,000 tons must be somewhere near this speed in the painting as with her long bows raised high and her stern tucked down she roars and powers through the sea. “Her beauty, grace and unimaginable strength ” (the late Ted Briggs) are all here in this painting.

Is there a story behind this painting of HOOD in July 1923? Was it commissioned by someone onboard (only a senior officer’s pay would stand the cost of commissioning a Cull painting) who was still aboard HOOD eight months later when she visited Melbourne in March 1924? Was it then given to someone in Melbourne when HOOD arrived there? Or did its owner subsequently emigrate to Australia taking the picture with him? What explains its appearance at auction there 84 years later?

Standard size: 28.34 x 15.74 ins (472 x 40 cms) approx but will easily enlarge. Price band (standard size): £180-205. Limited edition: 25 copies worldwide. To learn even more about this painting as well as other Hood paintings, please contact Rick Cosby at Maritime Prints for details.



Drawing of H.M.S. Hood made by R.C. Beckwith

Drawing by R.C. Beckwith
In the early-mid 1930s, R.C. Beckwith was a young midshipman serving aboard H.M.S. Hood. His journal, in the collection of the Admiralty Library in Portsmouth, UK, chronicles his time in Hood and a number of other vessels. Among the the many pages are many impressive drawings and paintings such as the one to the right. This image shows Hood at anchor in 1933. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.




Farewell the Hood by Simon Atack

"Farewell the Hood" by Simon Atack
This haunting and atmospheric painting was created by painter and veteran, Simon Atack circa 2001. It shows Hood departing Scapa Flow on 22 May 1941 on what would prove to be her final mission- the hunt for Bismarck. This painting was featured on the cover of David Mearns and Rob White's book "Hood and Bismarck" which chronicled the 2001 expedition which discovered Hood's wreck.

The particular painting shown here is approximately 31" x 23 " and was signed by both Simon as well as survivor Ted Briggs and then presented by the H.M.S. Hood Association to the Royal Maritime Club where it resides to this day. Click here to visit Simon's website.



Cross stitch of H.M.S. Hood made by Jenny Orr for David Wallace

Cross Stitch by Jenny Orr
This superb piece is owned by David Wallace, the nephew of James Wallace, one of the men lost in the sinking of Hood. The initial pattern was purchased from an Internet auction site and the many different coloured threads were purchased separately. Family friend Jenny Orr of Perth, Australia, an expert at cross stitch, took on this immense job.

This was a truly immense undertaking which was completed after many months. David informs us that there are nearly 90,000 (yes, ninety thousand) stitches in various shades of grey. The overall size of the work (once framed was (31.1/2" x 25" (80cm x 63cm). This work now hangs proudly in David's study. Our hats are off to Mrs Orr for producing such excellent results. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



1924 oil painting of H.M.S. Hood by R.S. Clark

Painting by by R.S. Clark
This is an original oil paiting created in 1924 by New Zealand artist RS Clark. It shows Hood and other vessels of the Special Service Squadron during their 1924 World Cruise of the Special Service Squadron. The painting measures 2ft x 2ft 9" / 61cm x 85cm. It is in good condition and is signed by the artist in the lower right corner. The work is for sale and reasonable offers will be considered. It can be shipped anywhere. Please contact salcoll@tassie.net.au for more details. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



Charcoal/pencil drawing of H.M.S. Hood by H.W. Bernartz

Drawing by H.W. Bernartz
This drawing appears to be either pencil or charcoal on a medium gray background. It measures approximately 11" x 16" /27.94cm x 40.64cm. The artist is H.W. Bernartz, who is known to have artwork on display at the naval museum in Bremerhaven, Germany. Special thanks to David Schroeder who owns this piece. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



Sinking of H.M.S. Hood by Dennis Andrews

"Hood Sinking" by Dennis Andrews
This digital computer painting was originally commissioned to illustrate the story of the maiden voyage of the Bismarck and featured in the UK naval magazine WARSHIPS International Fleet Review.

Dennis is a British artist specialising in painting 20th century warships. He lives in the historic naval port of Plymouth, home to the largest naval base in Europe, and is the resident Devonport Naval Base artist. He paints mainly in oils on canvas, but he has also created illustrations for books and magazines. This particular image is now available as a naval print from the artist at www.warshipart.com.

Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



HMS Hood by David Pye

Painting by David Pye
This delightful painting was created by David Pye. It shows Hood at Malta during the Battle Cruiser Squadron's duty with the Mediterranean Fleet in the mid 1930s.

The format and dimensions were not provided to us. We will post additional information about this painting when and if we receive it.

Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



H.M.S. Hood by John Gromosiak

Painting by John Gromosiak
This impressive painting was created by John Gromosiak, of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It shows H.M.S. Hood , in her AP507A colour, at sea in the early 1920s.

The painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 20" x 16" / 50.8cm x 40.64cm. It was created in 1997. John is an accomplished artist and is primarily known for his works of USS Indianapolis.

Special thanks to John Hearne for the image of this great painting.

Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



Night on the Flow by Alan Blair

"Flow" - Painting by Alan Blair
This interesting and unique painting was created by Alan Blair. It shows a somewhat ghostly H.M.S. Hood at anchor in Scapa Flow at night. Based on the configuration of the ship, this would appear to be in the 1920s or 1930s.

A prolific artist, Alan has created many paintings of various subjects, from trains to landscapes. Due to a love of the Hood, he has also created several paintings of her. Click to here to view more of his Hood artwork.

Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



Empire Day 1941 by Paul Wright

"Empire Day 1941" - Painting by Paul Wright
This wonderful painting was commissioned in 1982 by Mr Ron Feltham. Researched by Ron and painted by Paul, this oils on hardwood painting is 48"x28" / 1.2m x 71.12cm in length. It effectively captures the last moments of Hood as she leads the battleship H.M.S. Prince of Wales into action against Bismarck and Prinz Eugen on the morning of 24 May 1941.

To quote from the painting description: "A fire has started among the ready-use ammunition following a hit by Prinz Eugen. Hood is about to haul down the signal ordering a change of course twenty degrees to port, enabling all four turrets to be brought into action. In the next few moments one or more hits from a well aimed salvo from Bismarck will blow the ship in half."

The painting is currently part of the Royal Navy Museum's Lewin Gallery (20th Century).

Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



1919 Painting of Hood by John Sampson

1919 Painting by John Sampson
This beautiful 6'x 3'4" /1.8m x 1m painting is believed to have been created by artist John Sampson in 1919 for one of the steel companies which produced the armour plate for H.M.S. Hood. That being said, it is quite possible that this was among the first commissioned paintings of Hood.

There are different variants of this masterpiece available: 250 copies printed on 250 gsm zeta matt linen textured paper, which will be £50. There are also 500 copies printed on 250 gsm stock paper, which will be £25. Postage and packing will be about £6. The dimensions are 36.9 x19.5" / 939mm x 497mm for the image area of both. The overall size including white border is 39 5/16th" x 23 13/16th" ( 999mm x 605mm ) for the stock print. The textured print may be a couple of mm less on the border.

For more information, please contact Mr M.P. Halpin at mp.halpin@virgin.net. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



Painting of Hood by Marii Chernev

Paintings by Marii Chernev for Military Art Gallery
Marii is known as one of the best military aviation artists around. Now he will be known as one of the best naval artists as well: In Spring 2003 he completed a set of paintings commemorating the Battle of the Denmark Strait.

The paintings feature H.M.S. Hood and the German battleship Bismarck opening fire on the morning of 24 May 1941. These paintings were undertaken with help from members of the H.M.S. Hood Association and Kameradschaft "Schlachtschiff Bismarck", so they are very accurate and authentic.

The painting of Bismarck is available as a limited edition fine art print signed by the late Baron Burkard Von Müllenheim-Rechberg, the Fourth Gunnery Officer of Bismarck. The Hood painting is also available in a limited edition fine art print signed by Hood survivor Ted Briggs, MBE.

Please visit the Military Art Gallery website for more details. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



Painting of Hood by Ian Marshall

Painting by Ian Marshall
This beautiful painting depicts H.M.S. Hood, H.M.S. Barham and the tug Roysterer at Malta in 1938. At this point in time, Hood was serving in the Mediterranean Fleet. This beautiful painting was featured in his book, "Armored Ships" which was released in 1990. The book is currently not in print, but one may be able to find it via online booksellers such as abebooks.com or alibris.com.

Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



2002 Watercolour of Hood by Adrian George

Watercolour by Adrian George
This watercolour, which measures 10"x15" / 25.4cm x 38.1cm, shows Hood at 0552, 24 May 1941. She is firing her first salvo at Prinz Eugen before shifting her fire to Bismarck. Limited edition signed prints are available from the artist.

This is Adrian's second naval illustration and a very accurate one at that. His first work was the battle between USS Monitor and CSS Virginia off Hampton Roads, in 1862. His next work is likely to be Bismarck, Prinz Eugen or Prince of Wales. You can e-mail him at adrianartworks@aol.com. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



Hood in 1935 by Frank Wood

"H.M.S. Hood Leaving Portsmouth" - 1935 Painting by Frank Wood
Frank Wood (1862-1953). Watercolour signed and dated 1935 and "annotated HMS HOOD leaving Portsmouth." Trying to square historical fact with this watercolour painting - a painting which Frank Wood has annotated merely '1935' - has caused a deal of trouble! HOOD is painted here clearly leaving Portsmouth harbour and wearing at the fore the Cross of St George, the flag of a full admiral in the Royal Navy. The year, it would seem from the annotation, is 1935. But HOOD at this time was the flagship of the Rear Admiral Commanding the Battle Cruiser Squadron, Rear Admiral Sydney Bailey CB CBE DSO, who would have flown a similar Cross of St George but with two red balls in the hoist. Whose flag therefore is she wearing? Examination of HOOD's Ship's Log - Form S 321b ('Revised November 1929): see Articles 863, 1088, 1152, 1167, 1173, 1208 and 1209 of King's Regulations 1926') - reveals that the battle cruiser sailed from Portsmouth only four times in 1935: 15 January, 5 March, 13 May and 30 August and on none of these occasions was a full admiral embarked: she always sailed as Rear Admiral Bailey's flagship. Either, therefore, it was not 1935 - although the modification state of her foremast would point strongly to the fact that it was - or Frank Wood was exercising his artistic licence and had decided that the world's largest ship was going to enjoy the benefit of wearing a full admiral's flag for this painting. The passengers on the Gosport ferry in the foreground are clearly dressed for summer (thus ruling out HOOD's January and March sailings of 1935); and after comparing the sky, the light and the tones of another Frank Wood watercolour painted from the same spot showing HM Ships QUEEN ELIZABETH, HOOD(again) and ROYAL OAK and known to be 27 May 1937, the weight of evidence points to the fact that this is HOOD sailing at the same time of the year. It is therefore reckoned that this watercolour shows HOOD'S 13 May 1935 departure from Portsmouth. Image size: 20"x14" / 51cm x 36cm approx. Mounted 28"x22" (48cm x 24cm) approx. Limited Edition: 250 overall (available at variable sizes - please contact Maritime Prints for size/price. Prize below is for standard size. ) Click here for a larger preview and more information Price: £80 (recently reduced from £160!).
Contact Rick Cosby at Maritime Prints for details and other paintings of Hood.



1926 Watercolour of Hood by AB Cull

1926 Vintage Watercolour by AB Cull
HOOD is painted here in 1926 off the west coast of Scotland en route to Invergordon. Wearing the flag of Rear Admiral Commanding the Battle Cruiser Squadron (Rear Admiral CTM Fuller CB CMG DSO). A bright, breezy day with the odd flick of spray over the forecastle and quarterdeck. Amongst Cull's array of important clients was HM King Edward VII who commissioned him to paint several pictures: sadly a bomb on Portsmouth in World War II set light to Cull's studio and many of his paintings were destroyed. His few surviving works appear in the Maritime Museum Greenwich, in the Royal Navy's collection, and the Wardroom of HM Yacht BRITANNIA in Leith; and a few are in private hands. Print size: 15.5" x 9.5" / 39.5cm x 24 cm. Mounted: 20.75" x 15" / 53cm x 38cm approx. Limited Edition: 250. Price: £75 (recently reduced from £150!).

Contact Rick Cosby at Maritime Prints for details and for other paintings of Hood.



2001 Painting of Hood by G. Carlton Hobbs

Paintings by G. Carlton Hobbs
This wonderful, large, oil painting was created by G. Carlton Hobbs. It depicts Hood and Prince of Wales en route to intercept Bismarck and Prinz Eugen in the Denmark Strait. Mr Hobbs has been teaching art for 30 years and has created a number of paintings to include landscapes and railroad related themes. He has always been fascinated by the Royal Navy and its exploits and has recently started working on naval paintings. This, is the first. His second painting in this series is of Bismarck and Prinz Eugen. At last check, he was working on a painting of H.M.S. Repulse. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.

Prints of these paintings are available to the public. Print size is 27.5"x13.7" / 700mm x 350mm on 250gm art paper. An introductory price of £40 has been set for each, but both together may be purchased for £70 (this includes UK p&p add £6 for overseas). To enquire about these, contact Mr Hobbs via post at Fox Cottage West End Langtoft Peterborough PE6 9LU, or via e-mail at grahamhobbs@yahoo.com.



2001 Painting of Hood by Anthony Myers

Painting by Anthony Myers
This impressive painting was created by Anthony Myers of Plymouth, Devon. It depicts Hood making her way through Plymouth Sound only a few weeks before she was lost. Seen in the foreground is a Sunderland flying boat of No 10 Squadron from a nearby RAAF base.

There are no prints available, but the original is for sale at a price of approximately £150 (subject to change). We look forward to seeing other paintings of Hood from Anthony. Click on the image to the right to enlarge it.



H.M.S. Hood and SS Bismarck, by Graham Scott

H.M.S. Hood and SS Bismarck by Graham Scott
This impressive work tells the entire story of the Bismarck's disastrous foray into the Atlantic.

Not only does it feature a detailed map showing the location of key events, but it also features the two main ships involved (Hood and Bismarck) as well as their badges/crests. Also shown are the Fairey Swordfish torpedo aircraft that played such an important role in crippling Bismarck.

We are unsure if there are any prints of this commercially available.



Painting of Hood by Simon Fisher

The Artwork of Simon Fisher
Simon's work is undoubtedly some of the best ever done of Hood. Shown here are three of his works depicting Hood just before her sinking in May 1941. Prints of some of his artwork are available. To find out more about this and other of Simon's works, please contact him via his website at http://simonfishermaritime.com/ or at the following address: Simon Fisher, 15 Broadmead, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9AN, England, United Kingdom

The first/top painting to the right was done in 1993. It shows Hood and Prince of Wales enroute to intercept Bismarck. The original, which measures up at 39" x 21" / 99cm x 53.3cm is in the incredible collection of Dr Ian Beattie of the H.M.S. Hood Association. Ian tells us that there is no official title to this painting, but he would call it "Date with Destiny"...a perfect title. There are no available prints of this painting.


Painting of Hood by Simon Fisher

"H.M.S. Hood, the Final Moment" by Simon Fisher
The next painting shows Hood just moments before the fatal explosion which sank her. At last check, 850 copies were being produced for sale, each signed by Ted Briggs.




Line Drawing of Hood by Simon Fisher

"H.M.S. Hood Line Drawing by Simon Fisher
This is a 1/600 scale fine line pencil drawing depicting Hood as sunk in May 1941. Simon is currently offering a limited number of prints for sale via his website.

Click on the images to the right to enlarge them.