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Review of Flyhawk's 1/350 H.M.S. Hood Detail Set
by David Walker
Updated 02-Mar-2020

A review of Flyhawk's Photoetch detail set for the 1/350 scale Trumpeter Models H.M.S. Hood. We'd like to thank David Walker for contributing this review.

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Flyhawk Detail Set BoxThe Flyhawk super detail set for the Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood kit contains etched and turned brass parts including barrels and resin upgrades ,and you get 13 sheets of etched brass which are included to provide any missing detail to the original kit. I would point out that it does the job , but another HMS Hood etch set would be a good idea , as the Flyhawk detail set only provides so much extra detail although you do get nice 15 inch and 4 inch Brass Barrels - and 2 Pdr Pom-Pom Barrels.

I would point out where the detail set is lacking , namely Brass bollards, mushroom vents and 2 brass Jack and Ensign Staffs ( although Hood had only the Ensign Staff fitted in 1941) . Items like these really add to the extra detail and are far better than the kit examples. The Flyhawk Super- Detail set (FH 350098) which is nice, does provides pretty good enhanced detail , but you probably will need an alternative manufacturer extra etch set , to provide missing details , if you wish.

Flyhawk Detail Set Box However , be warned !! - that the instructions were poor by current standards .
I enclose scans of the instruction sheets to show you that you have to work out yourself where to assemble them and work out in more detail
where they fit than you normally have to with the likes of Eduard , White Ensign Models , Pontos or Infini , to give examples , although I believe this has been improved with the recent new releases from Flyhawk .

Note also that, whilst the Flyhawk 2-pdr Pom Poms were nicer with turned barrels ,than the kit examples .
I am not impressed with the Flyhawk Vickers quad 0.5in guns on Hood - which are represented with 2-dimensional photo etching by Flyhawk, so I recommend the Tetra SA-35010 Vickers Cal.50 Machine Gun ( which provides 4 Sets - enough for HMS HOOD  ) .

Note - you do not get a wooden deck with the Super detail set , an alternative is buying either the Pontos or Artwox Wood Decks ( both of which come with anchor chain). Overall , I would rate the set 3 out of 5 , however Flyhawk etch is lovely to work with - and well engineered .