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Review of Lindberg's 1/400 Scale H.M.S. Hood
by Frank Allen
Updated 08-Jan-2018

This is a basic review of the abysmal Lindberg 1/400 scale injection moulded plastic kit of Hood.
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Special thanks to John Fox, Pat Roach and Les Foran for providing the photos seen here.

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Box art of Lindberg Hood This kit was originally released in the 1960's. It held the distinction of being the largest mass-produced plastic Hood model until the introduction of the 1/400 Heller kit in 1977. Its a full-hull model and was designed to be motorized. Not only can it propel itself through water, but it can also traverse/elevate it's main guns. The completed model is approximately 26½" / 67.3cm in length.

In terms of accuracy as a scale miniature of Hood, the quality of the kit is very poor. It is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the worst mass produced Hood kit released to date. It is so poor in fact, that we aren't even going to go through a description of the kit's contents. We simply recommend that it be avoided. There are much better kits available now.

Lindberg 1/400 scale Hood box contentsThis a typical Lindberg model in that it is highly under-detailed and has many incorrectly shaped components. This is sad when one considers the size of the model. In defense of Lindberg however, it should be noted here that this kit was never really intended to be a precise scale miniature of Hood. Instead, it was meant to be an easy-to-build and fun-to-operate motorized toy. This was a job that it did indeed excel at, and I am sure that countless battles with Bismarck took place in ponds, rivers, pools and possibly bath tubs around the world!

We also understand that although the kit is of overall poor quality, some people have been able to "accurise" and detail the kit to an acceptable standard. Admittedly, this will take a great deal of work and time, but it is an option for those individuals who want a large Hood for a low price. The main cost will be the time invested in correcting the many flaws. In the end it comes down to how much time and money you wish to spend.

This kit was reissued in the late 1990s. We're not sure if its still in production, but even if it isn't, it should still be widely available. It is also quite affordable. In the end, it comes down to a simple question: What do you want? If you want the best possible Hood straight from the box, avoid this model kit like the plague! If you want a Hood you can go down to the pond and have fun with, then this is the perfect model for you.

Photos of Completed Kit
Below are various photos of completed kits. The left two photos are courtesy of Pat Roach. The right two photos are courtesy of Les Foran. Click to enlarge.

Pat Roachs Lindberg Hood  Pat Roachs Lindberg Hood  1/400 Scale Lindberg Hood by Les Foran  1/400 Scale Lindberg Hood by Les Foran