History of H.M.S. Hood
Updated 10-Dec-2018

Here you will find information on the history of the battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood – from the family she was named after to her design genesis to an in-depth coverage of her entire career.

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Hood opens fire


Origin of the Name- The Hood Family   |  Ancestors- Other Ships named "Hood"  |  Origins of the Royal Navy "Battle Cruiser"  |  The Royal Naval Division 1914-19 and Its Hood Battalion


Design & Construction
Designing Hood   |  The Construction of Hood  |  The Launching of Hood  |  Refits & Repairs


Operational Career
Career Timeline (1915-1941)  |  Searchable Database of Movements  |  Searchable Ship's Log Database


Significant Events in Hood's Career
The "Empire Cruise" (1923/1924)   |   The "Invergordon Mutiny" (1931)   |  Operation "Primrose" (1940)  |  Force H & Mers-el Kebir (1940)  |  Bismarck & the Sinking of Hood (1941)