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Photo of LtCdr John Lee Machin, courtesy of Linda McAllister, August 2013

Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Lieutenant-Commander
Date Joined Hood: 09 July 1940
Biographical Information: John was born on 18 November 1902, the son of George and Grace Machin. He entered the Navy on 15 May 1916.

He was a Midshipman with Seniority on 15 May 1920. He was promoted to Acting Sub-Lieutenant in September 1922. From January to August of the following year, he trained at the RN College in Greenwich. He was promoted to Sub-Lieutenant with seniority on 15 June 1923. From March 1924 through January 1925 he served aboard the destroyer H.M.S. Montrose. His next promotion, to Lieutenant, came on 15 June 1925.

He served aboard the cruiser H.M.S. Centaur from August 1926 to July 1927. He served aboard the destroyer H.M.S. Velox from January 1928 to August 1929. That October, he was transferred to the destroyer H.M.S. Walpole. He served as her First Lieutenant until February 1931.

From January 1932 to January 1934, he served as First Lieutenant aboard the destroyer H.M.S Cygnet. He was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander during this assignment (15 June 1933). His next assignment was as Commanding Officer of the destroyer H.M.S. Rowena from October 1934 to July 1935.

From August 1936 to February 1937, he served as the Commanding Officer of the destroyer H.M.S. Diana in the China Station. He was assigned to H.M.S. Victory, RN Barracks, Portsmouth from February-August 1939. He was then assigned as the Commanding Officer of the destroyer H.M.S. Kelvin from October 1939 to June 1940. His final assignment was to the battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood in late July 1940. He was killed in action aboard Hood on the morning of 24th May 1941.

He was 39 years old at the time of his loss. We have no additional information.

If you have any additional details, please contact us.

Midshipman with seniority 15 May 1920
S/Lt Seniority 15 June 1923
Lt seniority 15 June 1925
Lt Cdr seniority 15 June 1933

Memorial Information
Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 45, Column 1 (click to view panel)
Also memorialised at
St Margaret's Church Usselby, Lincolnshire
Hood Chapel, Church of St John the Baptist, Boldre, Hampshire
Additional Photographs
Photo of LtCdr John Lee Machin, courtesy of JV Machin, February 2018

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Navy Lists (courtesy of J.N. Houterman)
Linda McAllister (Photo, August 2013)
Christina Belton (photo, July 2014)
JV Machin (photo and information, February 2018)
The National Archives (ADM 196/149)