H.M.S. Hood Crew Information
Updated 06-May-2014

Though mighty, the battle cruiser H.M.S. Hood was nothing without the many men it took to design, built and operate her. They were and are the very heart and soul of the ship. It is estimated that as many as 15,000 men may have served in her from 1920–1941. Over 1,400 of these died while building or serving in her. You can learn more about these men here.

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Roll of Honour & Crew Memorials
Memorials to all those who died while building or serving in Hood

Crew List
Ratings & officers known to have served in Hood

Crew Complements
Positions authorised to be filled aboard Hood

Crew Biographies
Information about men who served in Hood

A look at the often overlooked members of Hood's crew

Miscellaneous Crew Photos
Photos of many of the men who served in Hood

Navy Lists
Monthly listings of officers who served in Hood

Admirals & Captains
The men who commanded the ship & the squadrons she served in

Crew Stories & Anecdotes
Anecdotes and remembrances concerning Hood

Hood's Mascots
A look at the animal sailors who made up a special part of Hood's crew

Sport & Athletics
Hood was well known as a top sporting ship









H.M.S. Hood Association Facebook Page
A meeting place for Association members and Hood enthusiasts. An excellent place to post guestbook greetings & share photos/information concerning the ship and crew.