How to Contact the H.M.S. Hood Association
Updated 28-May-2020

Do you have questions or comments about our Association or H.M.S. Hood and her crew? Would you like to contribute time or information to help us in our efforts? If so, please read-on for contact details.

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H.M.S. Hood Association Contacts
If you have a serious research-related question for us, please be sure to consult our Frequently Asked Questions and/or our site search first. There's a very good chance that you may find an answer therein. You can also post your question on our well-monitored Facebook page. Otherwise, if you can't find your answer (or you are wishing to submit information/materials to us), please feel free to contact the applicable point of contact below:

H.M.S. Hood Association Official Contacts

Please note that we run things on a voluntary basis. Although we are deeply committed to the preservation of the memories of Hood and her crew, we are only human and we do have other commitments. With that in mind, we won't always be able to respond to all requests (especially those that could have been answered through our site search tool or FAQs). We will of course, do our best to respond (where warranted) as quickly as possible, but there may be periodic delays.

Additional Contacts
Another useful resource is our Facebook page. There is a chance that someone therein may have information they are willing to share (and/or would appreciate anything you might have to share).

Special Thanks
The following individuals (listed alphabetically) have made very notable, repeat contributions to the web site. We appreciate their past as well as their continued help and we owe them much. Some may be contacted regarding their specialty areas:

We would also like to thank every single member of the H.M.S. Hood Association and all those who served or had relatives/friends who served, for their continued help and support. We could not do this without you.