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2017 Reunion

Next Edition of "The Chough" – We're currently working on the Summer 2017 edition of our Association newsletter, "The Chough." It should be ready before August.

Some of you may wonder what the point of our newsletter is in this day and age. Simply put, the primary purpose of "The Chough" is to relay information regarding the latest news and events which concern or affect our association (mostly internal but some external as well). Space permitting, we will try to take a look back at Hood, her crew or the events they were involved with (bearing in mind that our extensive website already covers most aspects of this). More importantly, we will try to take a look ahead by reporting on our related cadet organisations and taking a look at the state of the Navy through SeaLawyer.

So, keep a weather eye open for the next edition of "The Chough!"

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We are seeking photos & information to use in our online memorials to the men who died in the sinking of Hood. We currently only have photos of 919 out of the 1415 lost. If you can contribute, please contact us.

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