Photos of H.M.S. Hood & Her Crew
Updated 15-Feb-2021

The bulk of our photos are from the private collections of former crew and/or their families. You can access a number of these collections here. We also have links to collections on other web sites.

Important Notice: To the best of our knowledge, the photos presented here are used legally. They are either public domain, the property of our Association, or have otherwise been loaned to us by their rightful owners for inclusion in this website. These photos may not be republished or reposted elsewhere in any format without the express permission of the applicable owners and/or the H.M.S. Hood Association. You are welcome to download these images for personal/private use, but the images may go no farther without permission. If you want permission to use photos for a project, please contact us and explain how the photos would be used. Alternatively, if we have accidentally posted items belonging to you that you wish removed, do contact us with proof of ownership.

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Photo Galleries
Individual or otherwise rare photos of Hood and crewmen that were sent-in to the website.

Miscellaneous Crew Photos         Miscellaneous Photos of Hood


Photo Collections
To see what each collection encompasses, simply pass your cursor over any of the various names listed below. To view a collection, click on the applicable name. Some of the collections are image intensive, so please be patient while they load.

Hood Association
R.A. Barber
British Columbia Archives
H. Burgess
H. Bush
W. Crawford
F. Cross
CFB Esquimalt Museum
K. Duckworth
G. Dykes
L. Eaves
T.K. Evans
G. Fotheringham
E.T. Greenfield
J. Higginson
C. Johnson
W. Knowles
S. Locks
D. Maidment
V. Mason
National Archives of Scotland
M. Percival
H.O. Reinold
B. Roberts
F. Sait
J. Sikorski
D. Sizer
H. Slack
J. Smith
C. Smyth
L. Souter
State Library of Western Australia
W. Stone
2001 Hood & Bismarck Expedition
US Naval History & Heritage Command
City of Vancouver Archives
S. Willis
Wright & Logan