Photos & Graphics of H.M.S. Hood
The Higginson Photo Collection
Updated 07-May-2014

The following photographs were sent in to the site by Jim Higginson. They are from the collection of his father, Marine James Roland Higginson who served in Hood from May 1937 to May 1939. The photos are all from 1937 and 1938, when Hood was assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet. There are a wide variety of shots of the ship, her crew plus other ships and various ports of call.

Important Notice: These photos may not be republished or reposted elsewhere in any format without the express permission of the Higginson family.

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Collection 2 - Assorted Photos of Hood and Crew (continued)

Sailors and marines aboard Hood
Above- Jim (second from right) and some mates aboard Hood

Marine cossacks doing their stuff
Above- The Cossacks doing their stuff. The seamen give us this name as they say that the only thing that we have not got in our kit is a horse.

Marines aboard Hood
Above- Jim (second from left) and fellow Marines aboard Hood.

Marines in a boat
Above- Marines posing inside one of Hood's boats. Jim is third from the left.

Aft pom pom being added
Above- Hood's aft pom pom "Auntie"is fitted atop its newly installed bandstand, Malta, November-December 1937

0.5 inch machine gun pedestal being added
Above- 0.5" Machine Gun platform being installed in November-December 1937

Hood in drydock at Malta
Above- Hood in drydock at Malta, November-December 1937

Hood in drydock
Above- High and dry in the floating dock. There are only two floating docks in the world that will hold us - this one and the one at Singapore.

The paper bloke and his three week old papers
Above- The paper bloke. His papers are three weeks old. He speaks broad Scottish as he was taught by the Seaforth Highlanders when they were in camp here a year or two ago.

Painting ship
Above- Painting ship. The men are touching-up the AP507C lght grey.

Paravanes being hoisted aboard
Above- Paravanes being hoisted aboard. These are the things that destroy mines.

5.5 inch shell stowage
Above- 5.5" shells stored for instant readiness

Hood oiling a destroyer
Above- Hood oiling a destroyer at high speed. This shows who are the seamen, as one slip and the pipe is broken.

Shell splashes from Repulse
Above- A view from the roof of the After Concentrating Position. Hood is towing a gunnery target. The shell splashes are from H.M.S. Repulse.