Photos & Graphics of H.M.S. Hood
The Barber Photo Collection
Updated 07-May-2014

The following photographs were sent in to the site by Robert Johnson. They are from the collection of RA Barber who served in Hood during the 1930s.

Important Notice: These photos may not be republished or reposted elsewhere in any format without the express permission of Robert Johnson.

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Hood's boat deck circa 1933 or 1934
Above- Hood's Shelter Deck (aka "Boat Deck")

Hood's quarterdeck circa 1933
Above- Hood's large quarterdeck & wake. She appears to be moving fast. Fortunately, the weather was good- if it hadn't been, the entire quarterdeck would surely have been awash. A dry day for the "Largest Submarine in the Fleet!"

Hood off Rosyth, 1933
Above- Hood off Rosyth, 1933

The aft funnel emitting smoke and steam, circa 1933 or 1934
Above- Number 2 funnel emitting smoke. Also note the steam being vented from the pipes alongside the funnel. This photo was taken from the enclosed focsle deck between the port side forward and centre 5.5" gun mounts.

Hood as seen from near the very end of her quarterdeck, circa 1933 or 1934
Above- A wonderful view of Hood's quarterdeck taken from roughly in front of her aft hawse pipe & ensign staff.