H.M.S. Hood Today
Training Ship Hood, Nautical Training Corps of Bromley, London, UK
Updated 03-Jan-2017

Special thanks to Alan Tigg, for providing the following information on the Training Ship (TS) "Hood" of the UK's Nautical Training Corps (NTC).

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The NTC is a uniformed youth organisation and a registered Charity. TS Hood supplements the Corps's activities by offering Archery, Canoeing, Sailing, Rock climbing, First Aid, Night hikes and Map reading and orienteering, team building games Camping, outdoor games, and of course the ship's Band which meets on Monday nights. Their football team has been reformed and meets on Saturday mornings.

1/0 J Lewin founded TS Hood in 1997 at the Anerley Methodist Church in Anerley. The unit was moved in early 1999 to its new berth at James Dixon Primary School in Anerley Park. In December 1999, Mrs Lewin stood down as Commanding Officer and her First Lieutenant Mr Alan Tigg took on the reins. He was promoted to the unit's Commanding Officer in January 2000. 1/0 Alan Tigg joined the corps on TS Crusader in 1981 as the ship's mascot and has risen through the ranks to become divisional Officer and in 1998 transferred to Hood as their first Lieutenant.

The unit has flourished in the last eight months and has now approximately fifty-five cadets and staff. TS Hood currently has its "Deck night" on Wednesday evenings in the school hall from 7 pm till 9 pm. And later in the New Year will hopefully looking to add an additional deck night for activities. TS Hood is the 55th Division of the Nautical Training Corps, whose headquarters are in Sussex. Commodore Frank Froestt-Carr, OBE founded the Corps in 1941 and since 1944, a succession of units have opened through out the southeast of England. The NTC are a self-supporting and funding and rely on donations and subscriptions.

The NTC has two boating centres: NSTC Lion in Portsmouth and NSTC Attentive in Shoreham harbour. TS Hood is part of the London Region of the NTC which consists of 6 units in London Area these are TS Exeter (Addington), TS Endeavour (Shirley), TS Defiance (Addington), TS Ark Royal (Camberwell) and of course Hood in Anerley.

TS Hood are currently the only unit based in the London Borough of Bromley, The NTC is open to all young people aged 8 to 18 years. They would like to thank the Head teacher Mrs Piper and the Site Manager Mr Jones for the continued support they have given to TS Hood.

For further details about the TS Hood, please don't hesitate to contact First Officer Tigg on 020 8689 0885 or alternatively 07 956 507471, You can also e-mail him at co@tshood.org.uk or visit the TS Hood website at www.tshood.org.uk.