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"Space Age" Hoods of "Star Trek"
Updated 07-May-2014

Although this portion of the site is dedicated specifically to models and miniatures of our own "Mighty Hood," we also wanted to briefly highlight other "Hoods" inspired by our famous battle cruiser. So, on a lighter note, we will briefly highlight "space age" Hoods– the fantasy starships of Paramount's "Star Trek" television programmes/films. Important Notice: "Star Trek" is a registered trademark of Paramount. To learn more about Star Trek, please visit the official web site at http://www.startrek.com. We are greatly indebted to Charles Casimiro Design for creating the wonderful computer renderings seen here. His images may not be downloaded and used elsewhere without Charles' express permission.

If you know of anything we've overlooked or otherwise have any additional. pertinent information, please sure to contact our staff .

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United Starship U.S.S. Hood, NCC-1703, computer rendering by Charles Casimiro DesignIn the 23rd century world, or rather, universe of "Star Trek", the main focus is on the exploits of elements of the "United Federation of Planets." The Federation, a group of allied star systems/planets, is an organisation working for the common good of its members. Among its key functions are mutual defense and space exploration.  This is carried out primarily by "Star Fleet." Star Fleet has been the main focus of the four-plus television programmes and the two motion picture series spawned to date.

Since its inception, "Star Trek" has featured many space vessels, to include two starships named Hood. In the original "Star Trek" programme of the 1960s, Star Fleet's main line of warships/exploration vessels were the Constitution class heavy cruisers. The "star" of the first series, the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701) was one of 13 vessels of this class. Another of this class was the U.S.S. Hood (NCC-1703- sometimes referred to incorrectly as NCC-1707). Though mentioned in at least two episodes, starship Hood was actually seen only once- in the 1968 episode "The Ultimate Computer." Hood, in fact, was one of the lucky survivors of a battle to the death with the malfunctioning "M5" command computer being tested aboard the Enterprise.


Excelsior class starship HoodThe second starship Hood was one of the large Excelsior (NCC-2000) class vessels. This class was first introduced in the motion picture, "Star Trek III- The Search for Spock." The Excelsior class U.S.S. Hood (NCC-42296), was first seen in "Star Trek the Next Generation's" pilot episode, "Encounter at Farpoint" in 1987. It was the ship that Commander Riker served on before joining the Enterprise D. It was also carrying a special passenger- a very elderly Admiral Leonard McCoy.

This Hood was was seen/mentioned a number of times in other episodes as well. These include the episode "The Defector," "Allegiance," "Tin Man," "Redemption" and "Gambit." It was also mentioned in the spin-off series "Deep Space Nine" (episode "Tears of the Prophets"). It was last mentioned in the motion picture "Star Trek Nemesis".

To learn more about the starship Hood between the times of the Original Series and the Next Generation, please visit the excellent website, "Star Trek: The Interim Years."

It's also worth mentioning that in the new "Star Trek" movie of 2009, the starship Hood participated in the unsuccessful attack on the time-travelling Romulan ship. Based on what we could see, it seems likely that the Hood of this timeline was lost. If and when more information becomes available, we will post it here.

The Models

"Constitution" Class
Constitution Class Starship U.S.S. Hood NCC-1703, artwork by Charles Casimiro Design

AMT/ERTL's #S951 USS Enterprise
Whilst the original Star Trek television programme was still in production, AMT Corporation (later AMT/ERTL) produced the first model of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The kit has been reissued a number of times since then. It is approximately 1/650 scale It is a fair, though somewhat flawed representation of the starship: It has all the basic features of the Enterprise, but certain dimensions are off and key details are missing.

Overall, it suffers from a pronounced toy-like appearance. Of course, with hard work and access to plenty of references, the model can be worked into a surprisingly acceptable representation of the starship. A nice feature of this kit are its decals: They include the names/numbers for all of the original Constitution class ships including Hood. Unfortunately, the decals are quite flawed in that the names and registry numbers are produced in a totally incorrect font. These are best replaced through creative painting/stenciling or the use of replacement decals. You can find some suggested retailors of such decals at the bottom of this page. Click here to view box art.

AMT/ERTL's #6677 Star Trek Space Ship Set
The next Enterprise/Constitution class model produced was part of a miniature three ship set (which also included a Romulan War Bird and Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser).  This kit, though originally produced in the 1960s/1970s, has since been reissued a number of times. This Enterprise is not the best of models- due to its limited size, it suffers from a lack of detailing. It also suffers from the fact that it does not match the basic dimensions of the "actual" ship. It comes with decals for Enterprise only, which necessitates replacement if one wishes to build Hood.Click here to view box art

AMT/ERTL's #8790 Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 Cutaway
The next Enterprise model kit was issued in the 1990s.  It is a very large (@1/500 scale) and mostly accurate "cut-away" (meaning that one can see internal decks) interpretation of the Enterprise. It can of course be built with its full exterior. As with the previously mentioned small scale Enterprise model, it only comes with decals for Enterprise. To build it as Hood, one will need to creatively paint the name/registry number, or use replacement decals. Click here to view box art.

Polar Lights' #POL803 - 1/1000 Scale Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 - the Original Series Snap Kit
This model kit was issued in the summer of 2003.  It is very accurate and can be configured to make early and late models of the original starship Hood. The only drawback is the size- it is quite small (roughly 11" and in 1/1000 scale). Again, as with the previous two kits, only decals for Enterprise are available. To convert it to Hood, one will once again need to resort to creative painting or alternative decals. Click here to learn more.

Polar Lights/Round 2 Models # POL880 - 1/350 Scale Star Trek TOS U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
This newest and largest Enterprise model kit was issued in the autumn of 2012.  It is EXTREMELY accurate/detailed and using extra detail kits and aftermarket accessories, can be configured to make early and late models of the original Constitution class starships. It can also be accurately lit. It is very large...just under 3 ft/1m in length. Again, as with the previous two kits, only decals for Enterprise are available. This is the best of the best (at this point in time). Click here to learn more.


"Excelsior" Class
Excelsior Class Starship U.S.S. Hood NCC-1703, artwork by Charles Casimiro Design

AMT/ERTL's #6630 Star Trek USS Excelsior
AMT/ERTL introduced a kit of U.S.S. Excelsior (NCC-2000) in 1994. They later retooled, repackaged and reissued the kit as U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701B) following the release of the film "Star Trek Generations."

The kit measures up at 18" in length. It appears to be mostly accurate regarding size, shape and detail. Of these two kits, only the Excelsior is easily modified to Hood: All one needs to do is replace the number/name decals through creative painting or with replacement decals. The Enterprise B kit would prove extremely difficult to modify as it has an extensively different lower hull, saucer and "warp" engines. Click here to view box art

There have of course, been a number of other miniatures of the classes of vessels mentioned here. There are also a number of models of the movie/refit Enterprise that served the original cast. These miniatures range from other plastic models by AMT/ERTL and Polar Lights/Round 2 Models, to resin kits, paper models, toys and "wargaming" miniatures. Of these, the Polar Lights/Round 2 Models 1/350 Scale Refit Enterpise is the biggest and best. These items, distributed by the likes of Art Asylum, FASA, Micromachines, Bandai, Playmates, Johnny Lightning, Round 2 Models, etc., are of varied quality/accuracy/sizes and we really do not have the web space to cover each of them here. Of course, as with all the models referenced, they too can be made to represent either of the Hoods applicable to that class. In short, the sky, well, "universe," is the limit! You have many options open to you if you wish to build a "space age Hood!" If any of you ever do, please contact us, as we would love to see some photos and possibly post them here!

Various firms offer replacement parts and decals for a number of these model kits. We suggest you visit Starship Modeler or Federation Models to learn more.