H.M.S. Hood Today - Scale Models & Miniatures of Hood
Comparison of GHQ's and C&C's 1/2400 Scale Models of H.M.S. Hood
by Frank Allen
Updated 07-May-2014

This is a basic comparison/review of the 1/2400 scale wargaming miniatures of Hood that are produced by both GHQ and C&C.
Please check with a local or online hobby retailer of your choice for latest prices and availability.

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Kit Backgrounds
These miniatures were created primarily for use in naval wargaming. Both represent Hood in her final (May 1941) configuration. Both appear to be made out of pewter (GHQ being of higher quality pewter) and run roughly about the same price ($8 - $10). Both kits require a fair amount of clean-up (flash/shavings) as well as minor construction and painting.  When complete, both are approximately 4¼" /107mm) in length and ¼" / 13mm) in width. Each is widely available.

Moulding & Detail


GHQ and C&C 1/2400 Hood miniatures
Above- Overhead views of the GHQ (top) and C&C (bottom) miniatures.

Superstructure: Both miniatures have fairly accurate superstructures (although GHQ's is a bit more correct in shape and size).

Masts: GHQ includes a nice main mast whereas C&C does not.

Other: GHQ's Hood has moulded-on boats/motor launches, C&C's variant does not. Both kits have accurate funnels and deck houses/vents.

Both miniatures are decent representations of Hood, but the GHQ variant is the overall superior of the two by the virtue of it's extra detail.

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