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Meccano's "Dinky Toys" 1/1800 Scale H.M.S. Hood
by Frank Allen
Updated 07-May-2014

Special thanks to Ian Beattie for the photo and reference information cited here.
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This is another miniature that we haven't had the chance to personally examine yet. We do know a bit about its background though thanks to the fine folks at "Diecast Collector" magazine. An interesting look at the "Dinky Navy" was featured in the February 1999 edition of "Diecast Collector" magazine (pages 20-23)

Dinky/Maccano 1/1800 Scale Hood Miniature

This ship miniature differs from most of the others miniatures highlighted on our website in that it was never intended to be a precise miniature...it was intended to be a toy. It was part of a set of toy ships created and produced by Meccano, Ltd. The set was known as product #50 or "Ships of the British Navy." This consisted of 14 individual die cast/metal ships to include Hood, Rodney, Nelson, etc. The set was produced between 1934 and 1942.

As one might imagine, this miniature has become rare. Examples do ocassionally turn-up on auction websites, etc., but the condition/qualitiy varies greatly.

We ask that anyone out there who has more information on this kit or would like to write a proper review for it, please contact our staff.