H.M.S. Hood Today - Scale Models & Miniatures of Hood
C&C's 1/4800 Scale H.M.S. Hood
by Frank Allen
Updated 07-May-2014

This is a basic review of the tiny C&C 1/4800 metal war gaming miniature of Hood.
Please check with a local or online rare toy/hobby collectors or auction sites to determine availability and fair prices.

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CC 1/4800 Scale Wargaming HoodThis pewter miniature was created specifically for use in naval war gaming. It is virtually identical to C&C's larger 1/2400 scale Hood miniature, and as such, is a decent representation of Hood at the time of her loss in May 1941. An image of the miniature (displayed roughly 2.5 times larger than its actual size) can be seen to the right.



A very good miniature which is well-suited for war gaming purposes.