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Bandai, Fuman & Aoshima's 1/2000 Scale H.M.S. Hood
by Frank Allen
Updated 02-Sep-2015

This is a basic review of the Bandai/Fuman/Aoshima 1/2000 scale injection moulded plastic kit of Hood.
Special thanks to Mitsuaki Kubota of Japan for supplying us with a copy of this kit!
Please check with a local or online hobby retailer of your choice for latest prices and availability.

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Banda/Fuman Hood boxart

Kit Background
This injection moulded kit was originally produced by Bandai of Japan in the late 1970s/early 1980s. It is currently being reproduced by Fuman of China and Aoshima of Japan.

It is a fairly decent representation of Hood at the time of her loss in May 1941. This kit can be built either in waterline or full-hull configuration. It consists of 24 parts on three total sprues. Two of the sprues, grey in colour, comprise the hull and all fittings above the waterline. The third sprue, dark red in colour, is comprised of the lower half of the hull. When complete, the kit is just over 5" / 12.7cm in length.


An acceptable miniature of Hood and the only one available in this scale (1/2000). A cute model of Hood can be built-up fairly quickly and easily.

Additional Photos
Below is a photo of the box contents.

Contents of the Bandai/Fuman 1/200 scale Hood model