H.M.S. Hood Today - Scale Models & Miniatures of Hood
Colin Vass's Scratch-built 1/400 Scale "1941" Hood
Updated 07-May-2014

The model shown here was built by Mr Colin Vass of the H.M.S. Hood Association. Colin is a true master model builder. He is renowned for his miniatures- this Hood as well as a same scale rendition of Bismarck was scratch-built for the July 2001 Channel 4-sponsored expedition to find and film the wrecks of Bismarck and Hood. This model can be seen in the book, "Hood and Bismarck", as well as the two part documentary, "The Battle of Hood and Bismarck". This was donated to the Church of St John the Baptist in Boldre.

Colin has also built a 1/200 -scale 1920 version of Hood, as well as a 1/200 -scale 1941 version of the ship.

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Ted Briggs pointing out where the shells from Prinz Eugen struck
Above: Ted Briggs points out where the shells from Prinz Eugen struck

Port side of the Hood model
Above: A member of the Association holds the model

Overhead view of the Hood model
Above: Overhead view