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Review of Fleetscale's 1/128 Scale H.M.S. Hood
by Frank Allen
Updated 20-Jan-2016

We'd like to thank Dr Ian Beattie for the photos featured here.
If anyone has built this model and would like to write a review and/or provide new photos, please contact our staff.

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Fleetscale 1/128 Scale H.M.S. Hood Miniature (old version)We haven't had the chance to personally examine yet this kit in person as of yet. We have seen many photos though. Based on what we can see, the kit appears to be a very large radio-control capable representation of Hood as she appeared in 1931/1932.

The kit is essentially a hull and plans with the option of buying various guns, funnels and structural fittings. It does not come with a superstructure (you must build this using plans). Early versions of the kit (produced in the 1980s) suffered from an incorrectly shaped hull (see the photos on this page- note the bow's incorrect shape). Fortunately, designer Stuart Bolton corrected the hull using official blueprints in 1990. Fleetscale have been selling the corrected version ever since.

According to the Fleetscale, the new hull is a highly detailed GRP product complete with armour plating and rivet detail. It is 6 ft 9 " / 2.05 m long and 10" / 25.4 cm wide. You can see a photo of the new hull on the Fleetscale website.

The kit itself is available directly via the Fleetscale website. Its also available through various retailers.

Additional Photographs
Please note that the following are photos of a kit using the early hull. Anyone having photos of a completed kit using the new hull are requested to contact us.

Fleetscale 1/128 Scale H.M.S. Hood Miniature (old version)

Fleetscale 1/128 Scale H.M.S. Hood Miniature (old version)Fleetscale 1/128 Scale H.M.S. Hood Miniature (old version)