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Fine Art Models' 1/192 H.M.S. Hood
by Martin Cutbush
Updated 07-May-2014

This large museum quality miniature is a limited edition release which premiered in May 2003. Members of our Association were involved in the detailed review of the pilot model of this miniature. As a result of their great skill and aided by our recommendations, the workers of Fine Art Models (FAM) were able to create an extremely accurate, museum quality model. Martin was one of the first people to purchase this magnificent model. This article is his assessment of said miniature.

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Photo of the Fine Art Models 1/192 Hood, courtesy of Martin Cutbush, 2003
Above- A full-hull view of the Fine Art Models 1/192 Hood Miniature

The representation of Hood in 1931 specification by FAM is an oustanding and highly impressive model. The hull at 54" is a large enough scale to go into very fine detail. Barring a few detail errors this model is historically correct for the period and is built to a very high standard and quality to museum standard.

The hull is built of high quality resin and the wood deck is beautifully etched with the exact plank detail including that around deck fixtures such as capstans breakwaters and gun mounts. All other above deck structures are made of brass, and photoetched to a magnificent degree of detail. The main armament and forward superstructure are particularly impressive in their fine detail, including all ladders and railings.

The rigging is quite simply superb including the funnel stays and signal halyards. Even the jack and ensign staffs are detailed including lights where applicable. The manouvering lights are also present on the foretop. The foretop detail is extraordinary with even the wind vane, anemometer and lightning conductor present.

Many deck hatches are open with ladders descending between decks, and the boat deck detail is superb with all boats lashed down and showing fine detail of brass fittings and individual oars stowed in open boats. The shelter deck and after superstructure are highly detailed including all stanchions, mushroom vents and stove funnels. The range clock and ships bell are also present on the rear superstructure. The 4" HA mountings are highly detailed and the eight barrel pom poms even show the loaded ammunition belts.

The ground tackle is beatifully made with even the cable holder brake handles present. The quarter deck aircraft and catapult fittings are superb and highly detailed. The Fairey IIIF floatplane itself is very finely detailed and carries the exact identity numbers from the photos.

The main deck guardrails and stanchions are quite simply superb in their detail. Hawser reels, fairleads and bollards are all detailed and the mainmast is superb with it's detailed rigging. Swinging booms and derricks are fitted stowed and well represented.

All in all an outstanding collectors piece. The visual impact of this model has to be seen to be appreciated and is probably the definitive Hood model to date. For more information on this superb miniature, please visit the Fine Art Models website.

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