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Cheney Collection of Rare H.M.S. Hood Artefacts
Updated 07-May-2014

This page features photos of a number of items that were once regularly used aboard H.M.S. Hood. The information and photos presented here, were provided to us by Paul Cheney of Canada.

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Lamp from Hood

Lighting Lamp

This is some type of lamp that was once used in Hood. It has the following inscribed in it: "H.M.S. Hood. Do not remove from Deck 2 Point 16". Obviously, someone did remove it! Click on the image to the right to view an enlarged version.

Signal Flags

These flags are also in Paul's collection. These are stamped "H.M.S. Hood" and dated "1936." The white flag measures 50"x75" and represents the letter "V". The blue traingular flag measures 40"x55" and represents the letter "T".

Signal flags from H.M.S. Hood

Magazine Keys

These are various keys believed to have been associated with switches related to Hood's magazines. It is not precisely clear exactly what magazines they were for.

Magazine keys from H.M.S. Hood   Magazine keys from H.M.S. Hood

Signal Lamp

This is a hand-held signal lamp. It was used for local ship-to-ship communication. This particular lamp is marked as belonging to H.M.S. Hood along with the year 1935.

Signal lamp from H.M.S. Hood   Signal lamp from H.M.S. Hood