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Cartoons and Artwork from Hood
Updated 03-Jan-2017

This page features cartoons/artwork known to have been drawn either aboard H.M.S. Hood or otherwise by assigned crew men.

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The Padre
The Padre

This cartoon was provided to us by Brian Withers. His father, Ernest Withers served in Hood from 1933 to early 1941. This, and the following two cartoons were found in his ditty box. We are unsure of the artist's name, but they may possibly be the work of "Mickey" Glenn- Hood's last and best known comic artist. Click to enlarge.

Natives Ashore From Scotch Battle Cruiser
Natives Ashore From Scotch Battle Cruiser (1930s/early 1940s)
This cartoon is also from the collection of Ernest Withers. His son Brian provided it to us. Click to enlarge.

Groundsheets Extra (1930s/early 1940s)

This cartoon was also provided by Brian Withers. Its from the collection of his father, Ernest Withers. Click to enlarge.