-H.M.S. Hood Crew Information-
Biography of Tommy Barker
Information Provided by Michael Barker
Updated 06-May-2014

At 17 years of age, Tommy was among the youngest of those lost when Hood sank. The information and photos contained herein were submitted to the site by Tommy's brother Michael and show some happy moments from Tommy's short life that will inevitably generate thoughts of what life may have held for him but for the events of that fateful day.

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Admirals Barge crew, 1939
Above- Tommy (left) and the crew of the Admiral's barge, on
the forecastle of H.M.S. Hood, 1939

Tommy near a 4inch ready use locker aboard Hood
Above- Tommy and a mate aboard Hood, 1940.
They are standing by a 4 inch ready use ammunition locker.

Tommy on leave, 1939
Above- Tommy in Scarborough in leave from Hood, 1939

Hood in high seas
Hood seen in November 1939 from aboard the warship Dunkerque.
The following year would see Hood attacking this ship at Mers el-Kebir.

Tommy and mates in one of Hoods seaboats, 1940
Above- Tommy (second from left) and mates posing in one of
Hood's seaboats somtime during 1940

Tommy holding a 4" QF style round
Above- Tommy holding a 4 inch shell aboard H.M.S. Hood, 1940




























Letter from RNB Portsmouth   Letter from Admiralty   Decorations letter
Above- Letters of bereavement following Tommy's loss at sea