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Biography of Leonard Holsworth
Courtesy of Maureen Hurst
Updated 06-May-2014

Royal Marine Leonard Holsworth served in H.M.S. Hood from 1925 to 1926. This is a very brief look at his naval career.

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Leonard in his dress uniformLeonard was born in Sunderland, County Durham 23rd March 1906.

He was the youngest of the four children of Harry and Margaret Holsworth of Hartington Street, Sunderland, Co.Durham. Leonard's sister, Maureen's mother, had attended a local Colliery school and Maureen thinks that it is likely that Leonard went to the same school. This was not the school in the area they lived in but it was the school that the children of the Colliery overseers children went to as it was near Monkwearmouth Colliery. Leonard's father was an agent for Royal Liver Insurance, Ocean Fire and Accident, Permutit Water Softeners, British Billboards and was also a Special Constable. These jobs were all held simultaniously.

Leonard started an apprenticeship as Blacksmith but can't have finished as he was only 17 and a half when he joined the Marines on 30th August 1923.

Maureen says that her mother said that Leonard would never accept any promotion as he didn't want to leave his friends, although one photo (see below) shows him with two stripes on his sleeve. He was a very friendly chap and liked joking about, he had auburn coloured hair.

He married a Welsh girl Edith Violet Miles, though Maureen is not sure when.

Leonard's service no. was PLY 22143. He died, at age 34, when H.M.S. GLORIOUS was sunk on 08 June 1940 by the German warships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Click here to view his memorial.

Service Record

Chatham Division: August-June 1924

Plymouth Division: June 1924 -May 1925

H.M.S. Hood:  May 1925-December 1926

Plymouth Division:  December 1926-May 1927

H.M.S. Valiant:  May 1927-February 1929

H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth:  February 1929-May 1930

Plymouth Division:  May-September 1930

H.M.S. Dorsetshire:  September 1930-July 1933

Plymouth Division:  July 1933-July 1934

H.M.S. Camperdown:  July 1934-July 1936

Plymouth Division:  July-September 1936

H.M.S. Royal Sovereign:  September 1936-July 1937

H.M.S. Revenge:  Jul -December 1937

Plymouth Division: December 1937-January 1938

H.M.S. Glorious:  January 1938-June 1940


Leonard Holsworth aboard HMS Hood
Above- Leonard relaxing with a few mates. This photo is labeled "Group, Boat Deck aft." This is actually taken from abreast the mainmast on the starboard side, looking forward.

Leonard Holsworth aboard HMS Hood
Above- Leonard on what looks like a gun mounting