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Biography of Jim Gurney
By Mike Gurney
Updated 06-May-2014

The information for this page was submitted to the site by Jim's son Mike who lives in Torquay, Devon.

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My father served from in H.M.S. Hood from January 1928 to May 1929. He was born Maurice James Gurney (known as Jim) on 20 August 1910 at Dartmouth, Devon.

His service record is as follows:

Ship or establishment
H.M.S. IMPREGNABLE 19th March,1926 1st July, 1927 Boy 2nd Class
H.M.S. EMPEROR OF INDIA 2nd July, 1927 2nd January, 1928 Boy 1st Class from 27th October, 1926
H.M.S. HOOD 3rd January,1928 16th May,1929 Ordinary Seaman from 18th February,1928
H.M.S. TIGER 17th May,1929 1st May,1931
H.M.S. VIVID 2nd May, 1931 11th November, 1931
H.M.S. WREN 12th November, 1931 31st March, 1934
H.M.S. DRAKE (Shore Base, Devonport) 1st April, 1934 15th January, 1935  
H.M.S. HAREBELL 16th January, 1935 11th June, 1937

Acting Leading Seaman from 10th June, 1935

Leading Seaman 10th June, 1936

Acting Petty Officer 16th April, 1937

H.M.S. DRAKE (Shore Base Devonport) 12th June, 1937 11th July, 1937
H.M.S. ORION 12th July, 1937 12th March, 1940 Petty Officer from 16th April, 1938
H.M.S. DEFIANCE 13th March, 1940 23rd June, 1940
H.M.S. DRAKE (Shore Base Devonport) 24th June, 1940 31st July, 1940
H.M.S. HALCYON 1st August, 1940 1942 (exact date not known)
Unknown Date not known Date not known

Chief Petty Officer (Temporary) from 1st October, 1944

Chief Petty Officer from
1st November, 1944

H.M.S. CONSORT 1st October, 1947 20th April, 1949 Chief Petty Officer (killed during the 'Yangtse' Incident)

Jim died on 20th April, 1949 at 2.42pm near Tang Tu village off Rose island on the Yangtse River, China, aged 38.


Jim Gurney circa 1928   Jim Gurney circa 1946
Above- Here are a couple of photos of Jim. The one on the left was around 1928 - around the time that he joined "Hood." The one on the right was taken just after the war - probably about 1946