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Presentation to Commodore Wilcocks, March 2003
Updated 06-May-2014

In March 2003, members of the H.M.S. Hood Association gathered at the Royal Sailors Home Club in Portsmouth to honour then Commodore PL Wilcocks, D.S.C., A.D.C., who was, at that time, the Commanding Officer of H.M.S. Collingwood.

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Commodore Wilcocks is a Falklands and Gulf War combat veteran. He is also the nephew of Able Seaman Eric Charles Wilcocks, one of the men lost in the sinking of Hood. The Commodore is a staunch supporter of the Hood Association. This event was the Associations way of thanking him for all he has done for us. A key part of the event were presentations of signed copies of the book "Hood and Bismarck" to the Commodore and his sons, Andrew and David. What follows are photos of the gathering:

Signing the books
Seated around the table in the foreground are (left to right) David Mearns, Rob White, Ted Briggs and Commodore Wilcocks. Rob and David are autographing a copy of their book "Hood and Bismarck" for the Commodore. In the background are various members of the Association, to include (left to right) Association Chairman Peter Heys, veteran Dick Turner, veteran 'Nobby' Clark, veteran Ernie 'Mac' McConnell, veteran Jim Taylor, veteran Commander Keith Evans, plus veteran and Association Padre, Rev Ron Paterson, MBE. The Commodore's sons are talking to Keith and Ron. Also present are two officers from H.M.S. Collingwood.

Signing the books
Roughly the same scene as before.

Signing the books
Same scene, different angle.
In the background an officer from H.M.S. Collingwood looks on as the Commodore's sons chat with Keith and Ron. In the foreground, Rob White ponders his autograph comments.

The Commodore gives a speech
The Commodore is holding a copy of "Hood and Bismarck" as he delivers his speech.

Rev Paterson talks with the Commodore
In the background, Rev Ron Paterson (left) chats with Commodore Wilcocks as Rob,
Ted and David sign a book for one of the Commodore's sons in the foreground.