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Photo Album Presentation to H.M.S. Collingwood, July 2010
Updated 06-May-2014

Special thanks to Emma Dunbar and the Press & Public Relations Office of the Maritime Warfare School at H.M.S. Collingwood for allowing us to use the following press release and photos.

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Unseen Photographs of HMS Hood Discovered

Alec Kellaway and 1st Lieutenant Martyn Peak
Alec presenting the album to
Martyn Peak. Click to enlarge

First Lieutenant of HMS COLLINGWOOD, Martyn Peak was recently presented with some unseen photographs that were taken onboard HMS HOOD during the 1930s. Alec Kellaway an ex-stoker, who served onboard HMS HOOD during 1936 -1939, gave the photograph album to a girl he was then seeing, but the relationship broke down after a year. Remarkably 12 years ago Chris Marshall paid a visit to his mother-in-law only to stumble upon the photographs. She advised her son-in-law that the album and been given to her by a sailor that she had dated 50 years previously and had kept the photographs safe since then. Chris never forgot about the historic photographs and sadly when his mother-in-law passed away he asked the family if he could have the photographs.

Contacting the Hood Association to advise them of his discovery Chris was shocked to find Alec Kellaway was still very much alive and could not believe that the album was still in existence. Alec decided that the album which is in great condition should go somewhere it would be appreciated and as Hood building is already home to some memorabilia from the ship it seemed like the perfect place to go. Alec who joined the Royal Navy on 20 Jan 1936 from a recruiting office in Southampton said how wonderful it was that the album had been kept for all those years. It was certainly something he thought he would never see again.


Assorted Photos

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The album in a display case with other Hood items      Alec and officials from H.M.S. Collingwood