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Remembrance Day Gathering, 11 November 2002
Updated 06-May-2014

On Monday 11 November 2002, members of the H.M.S. Hood Association gathered at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial to remember their fallen comrades, family members and friends. This was in observance of Remembrance Day. Shown here are photos from that gathering.

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Veteran sailors and Hood Association members gathered at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial at 1045 hours. At 1100, there was a moment of silence followed by a few words and prayers by Reverand Ron Paterson. Those in attendance were Ted Briggs, Ken "Nobby" Clark, Jim Taylor, Alan Plant, Frank Pavey, Ron Paterson, Ernest McConnell (who also acted as the Standard Bearer), Les McConnell, Peter Heys and our website's own Paul Bevand. Afterwards, a few members visited the Royal Sailors Home Club.

The day following this gathering, Ted and Peter visited Training Ship Tenacity for an awards ceremony. They presented TS Tenacity with one of Thomas Schmid's beautiful Hood posters.

The veterans pose for a group shot
(Left to Right) Les McConnell, Ted Briggs, Ernest McConnell, Jim Taylor, Peter Heys (background), Frank Pavey, Ron Paterson, Paul Bevand, Alan Plant and Nobby Clark.

Les McConnell and Nobby Clark
(Left to Right) Les McConnell and Nobby Clark

Frank Pavey, Jim Taylor, Les McConnell,  Ernie McConnell and Nobby Clark
(Left to Right) Frank Pavey, Jim Taylor Les McConnell & Ernest McConnell (background) and Nobby Clark.

Les McConnell, Ken Clark and Alan Plant
(Left to Right) Les McConnell, Nobby Clark and Alan Plant

The McConnell brothers, Ken Clark and Frank Pavey
(Left to Right) Les McConnell, Ernest McConnell, Nobby Clark and Frank Pavey

Nobby Clark relaxing at home
Nobby relaxes after a hard days work.