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Remembrance Day Gathering, 11 November 2000
Updated 06-May-2014

On Saturday 11 November 2000, members of the H.M.S. Hood Association gathered at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial to remember their fallen comrades, family members and friends. This was in observance of Remembrance Day. Shown here are photos from that gathering.

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Gathering at the memorial
(Left to Right) Jean Heys, Nixie Taverner, Ken "Nobby" Clark, Ron Paterson, JR Williams

Gathering at the memorial
(Left to Right) Peter Heys, Nixie Taverner, Ted Briggs, JR Williams, Jean Heys, Ron Paterson

Gathering at the memorial
(Left to Right) Nobby Clark, Jean Heys, Anthony Middleton (Our new Standard bearer), JR Williams, Ted Briggs, Ron Paterson.

The gathering after the service
(Left to Right) Ernie "Mac" McConnell, Ted Briggs, Jean Heys, Anthony Middleton, Nobby Clark and JR Williams

Sadly, Autumn 2000 also saw the passing on of long time Association member and former crewman Joe Hayter. Association members gathered to pay their respects. The following photo is of Association President Ted Briggs (left) and Association Chairman J.R. Williams (right). They are shown holding the wreath for Joes funeral. Joe is much missed by all.

Ted Briggs and JR Williams with the Hayter wreath