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Memorial Re-dedication & Parade, Lewisham, May 2007
Updated 06-May-2014

In May 2007, a memorial to 10 local men who died in the sinking of H.M.S. Hood was re-dedicated in Lewisham (London). Presented here are photos and information concerning the events of the day. This information is courtesy of Tony Green and Duncan MacDonald-Heaney. The H.M.S. Hood Association greatly appreciates their hard work.

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Standard bearersOf the 1,415 men lost in the sinking of Hood, at least 30 are known to be from the Greater London area. Several of these men are believed to have been from the southern portions of the area (Lewisham, Honor Oak and the various other nearby communities). Sometime after the war, a gentleman named Ray Raymont created a memorial to these lost locals.

In 2006, the memorial was in grave need of restoration. Tony Green and Duncan MacDonald-Heaney undertook this task. They contacted various agencies (to include the H.M.S. Hood Association) in an effort to research the memorial and ensure details were correct. They also consulted the news media in order to get the word out about the memorial.

Eventually, they arranged to have the memorial publicly re-dedicated. They successfully sought out various dignitaries and groups to participate. The event ultimately took place on Sunday, 20 May 2007.

Sea Cadets preparing for the parade The very large dedication party assembled in preparation for a parade at noon. At 1230 hours, the procession departed from Daneby Rd, Catford, then turned left onto Bromley Rd. The parade turned right onto Allerford Road where the salute was taken. Immediately afterward, the banners, cadets and colour guard turned right onto the grounds of the Bellingham Ex-Servicemen's Club.

The remainder of the parade party carried on a short distance and were soon released. Everyone made their way onto the club grounds and into the memorial gardens. At this point, speeches were made and a letter from Hood's last living survivor, Ted Briggs, was read. Unfortunately, due to various health issues and prior commitments, the Association had been unable to send any veterans.

A vicar blessed the memorial and led prayers. The attending band played and the assembly joined in singing hymns. At this point, the cadets carried the memorial to its position in the gardens and the ceremonies were complete.

The parade and/or dedication ceremonies were attended by roughly 300 people. Notably present were the following individuals or groups:

This endeavour proved to be a great success. It will be an annual ceremony. We heartily congratulate Tony and Duncan for doing a wonderful job. We wish their group, the "Battle Cruiser H.M.S. Hood South East London Memorial Group" great success.

Assorted Photos

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Ghurkas    Sea Cadets    A gentleman pets a British Bulldog who attended the events
Left to Right-  Bill Went, Duncan MacDonald-Heaney and Tom Healey, DCM    The parade    Tony Green (left) and Duncan MacDonald-Heaney (right) with the Chairman of the Royal British Legion