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Tour of DDG-81, U.S.S. Winston S. Churchill, August 2001
Updated 15-Jan-2019

In August 2001, the American guided missile destroyer U.S.S. Winston S. Churchill visited Portsmouth, UK to participate in the "International Festival of the Sea". Veterans and members of the H.M.S. Hood Association were given a private tour before the festival. The tour was kindly arranged through Association member and U.S. Navy officer Lieutenant-Commander Bob Adamcik and the Churchill's exchange Navigtion Officer, Lieutenant Essenhigh.

The Association members had a grand time and greatly appreciate the kindness and hospitality shown to them.
Our own Paul Bevand provided the photos seen here. Click Each Photo to See an Enlarged Version.

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Hood Association members aboard the Churchill
A great group shot aboard the Churchill-
(L-R) Robert Philpott, Keith Evans, Dixie Dean, Jim Taylor, Dick Turner, Ernest McConnell, Paul Bevand, Ted Briggs, Lt Mike Elliott, Frank Pavey, Mrs Pavey, Peter Heys, Roger Tombs, Ken "Nobby" Clark and Les Mc Connell.

aboard the Churchill
Association members gather outside the naval base entrance
(L-R) Frank Pavey, Dick Turner, Betty Turner, Commander Keith Evans, Mrs Pavey, Dixie Dean, Nobby Clark, Robert Philpott, Ted Briggs, Den Finden, Roger Tombs, Peter Heys and Reverend Ron Paterson.

aboard the Churchill
(L-R) Robert Philpott, Les McConnell, Den Finden, Ernest McConnell, Frank Pavey and Lieutenant Mike Elliott, US Navy, preparing to board the Churchill.

aboard the Churchill
The group being briefed on the upperworks.but thinking "those aren't half as high as Hood's!"
(L-R) Keith Evans, Ron Paterson, Den Finden, Ted Briggs, Mrs Pavey, Nobby, Jim Taylor

aboard the Churchill
The men of the Hood show this young man how to steer a ship!
Well, actually, its the other way 'round...
(L-R) Joanna Warrand, Nobby ,Les McConnell Dixie Dean, Keith Evans, Helmsman Camp, US Navy, & Dick Turner

aboard the Churchill
(L-R) Nobby, Mrs Dean, Dixie Dean, Ernest McConnell and Keith Evans on the bridge

aboard the Churchill
(L-R)- Ernest McConnell chats with Churchill's skipper Commander Michael T Franken whilst Nobby, Jim Taylor and Joanna Warrand listen in.

aboard the Churchill
Lt Mike Elliott and Lt Essenhigh, the Churchill's Royal Navy exchange officer
and Navigator talking to Hood Association President Ted Briggs.

aboard the Churchill
Ted Briggs having a look at the modern and high tech devices on the bridge.
I bet this is the Signals Station!

aboard the Churchill
(L-R) Peter Heys, Ron Paterson, Nobby, Dick Turner and Jim Taylor during the tour.

aboard the Churchill
Cmdr Michael T Franken. presents the H.M.S. Hood Association with a beautiful plaque.
(L-R) Ernest McConnell, Jim Taylor, Ted Briggs, Joanna Warrand and Robert Philpott.

aboard the Churchill
JR Williams and Nobby take a little break during the tour

aboard the Churchill
A side view of the Churchill







































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