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May 2013 H.M.S. Hood Association Reunion
By Frank Allen and Paul Bevand, MBE
Updated 04-Jun-2014

On the weekend of 25-26 May 2013 the H.M.S. Hood Association held it's 38th annual reunion in Portsmouth, UK. The following is a brief account of the events. Additional information will be made available to Association members via newsletters.

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Saturday 24 May 2013 - Annual General Meeting and Reunion Dinner
Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place from 1600-1800 hours in the Royal Maritime Club's "Brock's Bar". Various Hood-related issues were discussed and elections were held. In addition to routine issues, there was a very lengthy discussion concerning the future of the Association. Many good ideas/suggestions were offered and an action group was established. Details of the meeting will made accessible to Association members via newsletters and future website updates throughout the coming year.

Reunion Dinner

Hood Memorial Photo Display, May 2013
Memorial Photo Display
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The dinner was once again held in the club's Nelson room. In keep with tradition, the dining area was decorated with various photos of Hood and crew as well as clippings and documents concerning the ship. As always, the most important portion of the display were the Roll of Honour and photos of nearly 840 men who were lost when the ship sank. These occupied their own special portion of the room.

This year's dinner was attended by approximately 60 people members and guests. Most of the attendees were from the UK, but some were from more distant locations to inlcude Australia, USA, Iceland and Sweden. Our Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Derick Collins. He was assisted by Chairman Peter Heys. We were once again honoured to have Hood veterans Commander Keith Evans, Alec Kellaway and Lloyd Adams with us.

This year's Guest of Honour was Rob White. Rob is a long time Association member and also one of our Vice-Presidents. He was instrumental in the 2001 expedition which located the wreck of Hood. He was also the man behind the excellent 1990s documentary "The Mighty Hood". He gave a delightful speech covering his involvement with Hood and was then presented with a lovely brass bell.

Peter Heys introduces Rob White
Peter Heys introduces Rob White
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This year's dinner menu consisted of prawn salad followed by roast topside of beef with Yorkshire pudding and gravy served with roast potatoes and seasonable vegetables. Dinner was followed by a desert of raspberry pavlova. Cheese and biscuits were served, followed by coffee and mints. Another job well done by the staff of the Royal Maritime Club.

After dinner, port was served and toasts were made to The Queen, our Guest of Honour, the ladies and of course, absent friends. This was followed by the introduction of the Guest of Honour. Things were wrapped up with a great raffle run by John and Marilyn Oakley. The rest of the evening consisted of people chatting and having nightcaps until the room closed.

Sunday, 26 May 2013- The Remembrance Service

the 2013 Remembrance Service
The Remembrance Service
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Members gathered outside the Royal Maritime Club just after 0900 and walked to the entrance of the Historical Dockyard at the Portsmouth Naval Base. The group then marched to St Anne's church led by the excellent band of TS Tenacity. The weather was wonderful. The service commenced at 1000 and was led by Association chaplain the Venerable John Green, C.B., who as always, led a most enlightening service.

The year's service was a special one- it was to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. As such, the service was attended by various military and veterans associations/groups. Hood, being the greatest single ship loss of the naval war, featured very prominently of course.

Following the service, everyone gathered outside the church for photos and refreshments before heading back to the Royal Maritime Club and ultimately making their way home..



Additional Photos
Below are various photos from the reunion weekend. Click to enlarge. Current/up-to-date members will see more photos in Association newsletters.

The Dinner    The Dinner    The Dinner Guests    Hood Veterans at the Dinner
Gathering Outside the Historic Dockyard    Preparing to March    Hood Roll of Honour at St Annes   St Annes Church