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1996 AGM Minutes
Updated 06-May-2014

Transcription of the 1996 Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes.

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AGM held at the Royal Sailors Home Club, Portsmouth, 1700hrs, 25 May 1996



Apologies from Shipmate J Kiddle and Mrs J KiddIe.

Minutes of the last A.G.M. Meeting accepted as a true record and adopted

There were no matters arising.

Treasurers Report. Shipmate Ken Clark reported that the Association was in a healthy position though he was not able to produce a balance sheet,he did however make us aware at the current bank balance account, and everyone was more than happy with Ken's great efforts on behalf of the Association. Well done Ken.

Ted Briggs undertook to look to new suppliers for the production at HOOD ties and badges, and report back to the committee The venue for the next Reunion was then discussed, and it was agreed to stay at the Home Club with full dinner, and was left to the committee to finalise.

Re election at officers. There being no volunteers, and since the present committee and Chairman were willing to continue serving, all were re elected en bloc.

The future disposal at Association funds at the collapse of the Association was brought up. We are not wealthy but certainly affluent as an association, and it was thought that such a subject was worthy at more consideration than could be given at such short notice. We agreed to think the matter over, and discuss it further at a future A.G.M.

We as an Association had been approached by Comdr Pearse church warden of Boldre church for help in restoring the West wall of said church. Sauce funds were left for the committee to finalize and leave to Ted Briggs to pass on to Boldre church as a contribution from ourselves.

Shipmate Fred Carrington produced a wonderful shield for presentation to the church at Loch Eriboll. Well done Fred.  Presentation of same proved to be a bit of a problem. Our Chairman J.R. to write to Richard Branson if its possible for a Free flight or a cheap one to the vicinity. Awaits findings Our Padre Rev Ron Paterson brought up Associations recognition at widows or relatives of old shipmates who had become too old or infirm, and therefore would appreciate some recognition tram us all. Left to shipmate Ted Briggs to pursue formation at list of addresses.

No other business. MEETING ENDED 1750hrs


JR Williams