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1994 AGM Minutes
Updated 06-May-2014

Transcription of the 1994 Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes.

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AGM held at the Royal Sailors Home Club, Portsmouth 29/5/94

Meeting opened 0940hrs. President Bob Tilburn. Chairman J.R. Williams. 25 members present. Minutes of last AGM Read and adopted as a true record. Signed Bob Tilburn. No matters arising.

Treasurers Report: Shipmate Ken Clark Produced a healthy balance sheet, as was pointed our by Shipmate Dick Turner, Donations from members were thankfully quite generous, as always, donations exceeded membership fees. Ken clearly worked hard in his efforts for the Association, in his efforts for the Association, in his endeavour to cut costs as much as possible.

Venue and date for 1995 reunion: After some discussion of various possibilities, it was again decided to continue at the Home Club. Proposed Ted Briggs, Seconded P Price. A provisional booking had been made for the 20th May. Where upon it was requested that we make 21st May Boldre Church day, and lay on a Coach from Portsmouth so that long distance members could attend Boldre church service the same Weekend. Subject of course to the Vicar of Boldre agreeing and other things dovetailing. It was left in the hands of J.R. and committee to finalise. The 1995 AGM would have to be at 1630hrs on Saturday 20th May. It was also agreed to again have live music for dancing after dinner.

A.O.B.: It was proposed by Mrs Wall and seconded by A. Burton that the November get together at St Georges Church hall be held on the 4th of November. This was carried 16 for 9 against. Having discussed the matter in committee and agreed and therefore brought up at the AGM it was proposed by D. Turner seconded by S.T. Hooper that shipmate Ted Briggs, HOOD survivor, be elected a life Vice President of the HOOD Association. This was voted and passed in favour Unanimously. Ted then gladly accepted this honour.

We have received an offer from Mr Warrand son of the HOOD's Navigator, who wished to donate the sum of £100.00 for trophies to perpetuate the name of HOOD. It was decided that we make this to T.S. HOOD at St Austell. As to what they would be was left to the Committee. Shipmate A. Burton then offered to produce an extra special knot board. T.S. HOOD at COBOCONK in Canada could also be considered. Again this was left to the Committee to finalise.

Shipmate Ron Paterson our own Association Padre wished to have it recorded his vote of thanks to the HOOD association for our donation of £50.00 towards his five Cathedral Walks Fund in aid of the RON PATERSON CENTRE at Swanmore. We all wish him in his efforts. May he have favouring winds.

J.R. then wished to thank his Committee for their support during the year. Where upon Shipmate Ron Paterson on behalf of us all then thanked J.R. for his great work on our behalf throughout the year.

Ted Briggs drew our attention to the HOOD coins he had for sale. These had been specially minted by POBJOY MINT.

The Committee was re-elected on having agreed to continue serving. There being no further business the meeting closed at 1030hrs.