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Summer 1996 Association Newsletter
Updated 06-May-2014

The June/July 1996 newsletter sent to Association members.

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Shipmates, Ladies, Gentlemen of the Association.

Another Reunion has passed and we are all another year older, and that should make every one of us happy, including our Treasurer who has now joined up with so many of us in the 80 mark.

The church service at St Georges Church was well attended, but sorry that it had to rain, and the poor little Cadets of T.S. Hornet and T. S. Tenacity, and ourselves who marched were well soaked. My thanks to our Padre who conducted the service, and made all the arrangements.

Boldre Church as usual was great. My thanks to the Rev. Watts for his services, also to his Choir for their beautiful singing, and to Mr Flood for his Last Lost rendering.

Boldre Church is having a spot of bother with the West wall, rather an expensive bit of bother as the West wail is crumbling, and the cost is in the region of 50 thousand pounds. The Committee has decided to donate 50 pounds towards this out of the funds. As you must realise we cannot afford more, but should any of our members like to donate on their own behalf I'm sure it would be very welcomed. Cheques should be made out to BOLDRE WEST WALL FUND, and sent to the Rev Watts at BOLDRE CHURCH, BOLDRE, LYMINGTON.

At the Reunion a model of "HOOD" was auctioned, belonging to the late Nobby Mould, and it was his wish that this should take place. His Widow Mrs Joyce Mould kindly gave this model to carry out his wish. This resulted in the sum of 70 pounds at the auction being made for the Association funds, and the proud new owner is Mr Peter Heys who knew Nobby quite well, so it is now in good keeping.

Owing to our Vice Chairman Tom Hooper, who is suffering from a stroke, his Sister Mrs Moulden, and husband Jack took charge of the raffle for us. Thank you both very much for doing this. Tom Hooper' s address at the moment is Hunters Lodge Nursing Home, Kiln Road, Fareham. Hants, and I am sure he would be pleased to hear from any of the members. I am pleased to say that Tom is improving in health, and we all wish him well.

Our next years Reunion will take place at the Royal Sailors Home Club Queens Street Portsmouth on the 17th of May 1997 at 1800hrs for 1900hrs. Tickets will be £16 per person, and it will take place in the large Ball Room. Remember all are welcome including your families. Lets make it a grand evening as our late shipmates would like it to be. I have arranged a Get together at the Royal Sailors Home Club, Portsmouth, on Saturday the 9th of November 1900hrs. This will take place in the small room, a buffet will be laid on and the price will be only 13.50 as our Treasurer has kept our money in good shape, we are able to subsidise this.

The Treasurer and Myself made a formal complaint to the Manager of the Home Club regarding the meal at the last reunion as we had a few complaints, as it was not up to the standard we generally got. He apologised, and is providing us with extra free wine at the next Reunion

I am enclosing the letters regarding the diving on "HOOD" to keep you up to date. One of our members at the Reunion promised to send a large photo of "HOOD" to a Mrs. Price, as I don't know who it was I cannot help, also we have a few Mrs Prices on our books so I still don' t know which Mrs Price it was. So, if the Mrs Price concerned gets in touch with me I will send her a large photo of "HOOD."

Many members keep saying that they don' t know how much the subscription is. Well for those that don't know its still £3.00, which I think is still very cheap, and it is due on the 1st of May. As you will see in the A.G.M. page, Fred Carrington has done a very nice shield I or the Church at Loch Eriboll which you should know about in earlier News Letters. It has a plate inscribed In memory of our Shipmates lost in "HOOD". The thing is how can we get it to Loch Eriboll, and have it presented to them. If any member is going that way for their holidays, would they like to do this very pleasant job for the Association. lf so please let the Treasurer know as soon as possible. Thank you. Well all good things come to an end, so I will now send on my bad typing for the Treasurer to put on his P c W. where it will come out all nice and clear we hope. My thanks to him as the poor lad has a lot to do for the Committee, also to Den Finden for showing our Standard at many functions around the country. I would like to also thank Mrs Gladys Clark for allowing us rebels into her home for committee meetings and providing us with refreshments. Also Dick Turner for keeping the minutes at the meetings. Regarding the Get Together on the 9th November. Those wishing to come please send a cheque for £3.00 for the Buffet to the Treasurer made out to H.M.S. HOOD ASSOCIATION.

My sympathy to all who have lost their loved ones, and to all who are suffering illness I wish you all Get Well Soon.

God Bless you all.

J.R. Williams

STOP PRESS. Boldre Church service will take place on 25th May 1997 at 1100hrs. St.Georges Church service will take place on Sunday 18th May 1997 at 1100hrs.

Garden Note from our Treasurer.
The best time to take cuttings is, when nobody is looking.

A quick quip
I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me

PS. If you want to stay the night at the Club or the Lady Hamilton which is just around the corner on the 17/18th .