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Summer 1995 Association Newsletter
Updated 06-May-2014

The August 1995 newsletter sent to Association members.

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Shipmates, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Another Reunion has passed and I think those that could attend enjoyed themselves. As we are all getting on in years it is natural that the numbers were down a bit. Also of course sickness and financial problems. I will be 80 years old in January of next year, and I intend to give you all a share of the big increase in my pension. First come first served, the amount is a terrific 25 PENCE.

The Association is still quite strong with about 200 members who are now full members as motion passed at this years AGM.

Those of you who attended the Reunion no doubt noticed that we had two guests. Mr Rob White from ITV4 Dispatches programme, and Mr David Mearns from Oceaneering Technologies of Maryland U.S.A. These two gentlemen did a programme about the sinking of the M.V. "Derbyshire" which was lost with all hands in the China Sea. The Wives and families of that ship were trying to find out the whys an where fors of what happened. Mr David Mearns and his company found "Derbyshire" with their equipment. The motion was put to myself and Ted Briggs our only survivor and the Committee that they would like to do a programme on the sinking of the "HOOD" and to visit her. After a lot of thought by the above, the "HOOD" being a War Grave we decided that provided nothing was touched on our ship we could give them the go ahead, and that they would put a memorial plaque on her. The enclosed letter from Ted will tell you more about this.

I would like to thank our Vice Chairman and Mr and Mrs Moulden for running the raffle at the Reunion. I was also pleased to see Lt Roy Dumbleton from T.S. "HOOD" St Austell Cornwall, and Mr and Mrs Colin Armstrong from RNA St Austell Cornwall with his good lady. Thanks also to the Vicar of Boldre for the lovely service and beautiful singing of the choir. Thanks to the Committee who help me through the year, and Mrs K. Clark who allows us to have our meetings at her house and provides us with refreshments. We are all pleased that Miss J. Warrand had agreed to become our Vice President, her Father being Commander Warrand navigator who was lost in "HOOD". I have had a bit of a chase around to arrange the Get Together as the St Georges Club room has now closed. I have now arranged that we meet at the Petty Officers Mess in H.M.S. "Nelson" R.N.B. Portsmouth. I have arranged a Buffet at £2.50 a head, thats not too bad as the bar prices are cheaper. Time will be 1930hrs until 2300hrs and there will be car parking space available. For this meeting I must have all names attending sent to me by the 1st NOVEMBER 1995. The reason for this is that I have to put a nominal list of names at the gate of "NELSON" to allow us in. This is very important so please let me have your names on time with £2.50p for Buffet. Medals should be worn for this meeting which will take place on the 11th November 1995. The annual Service and parade for the Earl Mountbatten Memorial will take place at Romsey on the 3rd September 1995. Assemble at 1420hrs outside R.B.L. Club Latimer Street. There will be another news letter just before Christmas with details of next years Reunion, and ticket applications. Date of reunion 25th MAY 1996, followed by a church service, and march to St Georges Church with we hope the band of T.S. TENACITY and Guard of T.S. HORNET. Nobby tells me that there is still some members who have forgotten to pay their subscriptions for 1995, and even worse 1994 an 1993. For all those that have paid thank you. Those that haven't please try and remember. Thank you. Last but not least I must thank our Standard bearer Den Finden for Parading our Standard on so many occasions.

My prayers and thoughts go to all who are sick and suffering, and God Bless you all.

J.R. Williams, Chairman